Tuesday, December 10 2019
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Pomigliano alone in command

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In the anticipation of the sixth round, the Pescara wins of measure (1-0) on the Real Bellante: Stracciasacco is the match-winner.
The solitary peak is Pomigliano (14 points) who wins on the Aprilia field (0-4 and second consecutive defeat): the grenade networks carry the signatures of Vecchione (double), Petraglia and Luisa Esposito. At the "Santo Spirito" camp, Sant'Egidio is blocked by the tail end of the group, or the Decimoquarto that tears a precious point in a safety key.

For Lazio, Pomponi (double) goes to sign, two goals also for captain Olivieri for the eleven for coach De Risi. Ludos corsara in the Apulian trip to Trani (1-2), by virtue of the networks of Zito and the usual Giusy Bassano; for the locals, it is Dibenedetto who ends up on the scoresheet.

First seasonal success for the Free Girls girls from Abruzzo, led by Mr. Mucci, who climb to ninth place at 7 points: a round 0-6 that bears the signatures of Fusco, Tondodonati and the doublets of Calvano and Romani.

Eighth place for the Salento of Indino that conquers the "Billy" field of Pianura: 2-4 final that brings the signatures of Cazzato and the triplet of captain D'amico for the Apulians and Zavarese and Illiano for the landlords.

Finally, in the big-match of the day between Chieti and Sicula Leonzio, the two teams share the stakes (1-1). Vukcevic opens on a free kick for the Abruzzese, Vitale closes for the islanders who share the third place with Ludos and Pescara at 11.

Maurizio Stabile

Maurizio Stabile
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