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Arezzo celebrates the first victory in the championship against Imolese

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The goals of Arzedi and Gwiazdowska give the amaranth team the first three points.
Finally the Arezzo Calcio for Women is unleashed, which in Imola, against Imolese Women, wins the first win of the season in the league offering an excellent performance topped by the second goal of the Arzedi tournament and the first by Gwiazdowska.

The Formations. It returns to play after the week of stop of the Serie C championship. Mister Paduano, given the heavy absences for this race of Carleschi, Pesci, Cartarasa and Zeghini, changes form but not style of play: Antonelli returns to the goal, on defense debut from the first minute of Gonsi as left-back while Mencucci remains on the right, Orsi moves to the center together with Razzoli, Baracchi and Arzedi in midfield to act as a filter behind Verdi, Gwiazdowska and Mazzini, confirmed on the flanks and forward to Paganini.

Imola-Arezzo. For the fifth day of the National Series C Championship, at the "Romeo Galli", the race between Imolese Women and ACF Arezzo takes place. Both teams find themselves, before this challenge, at one point in the standings and both are looking for the first win of the season, the prospect of a race that will prove decisive for one of the two. Starting better is the Arezzo that takes advantage of the central streets, given the new module: Baracchi and Arzedi understand each other in wonder and recover a lot of balloons in the interdiction phase while they create play in the possession phase, forward Verdi turns out to be the right support for Paganini and the two players, more than once, exploit their technical qualities to launch Gwiazdowska and Mazzini in the cuts behind the opposing defenders. On the other hand, Polidori and Finotello are looking for conclusions from distance, Mastroiaco's team is unlikely to be able to fit between the defense of Arezzo and therefore tries from outside to try to unlock the race. On a restart the first network of the Amaranth girls (37 ') arrives: action maneuvered from the bottom, a ball that arrives in Paganini on the left, unloading of first intention on Arzedi who, on his plate, places the ball and beats the goalkeeper! The advantage of Arezzo is not the result of chance: the formation coached by Antonio Paduano plays very well on the ground, risking only when necessary, otherwise it is worth the ball to create spaces, with a high center of gravity and a constant pressing by all players. The first portion of the game ends with the team in the lead in full possession of the land while the Imolese seems to blame the style of Arezzo.

In the second half the rhythm of the game expressed by the amaranth girls does not lower, on the contrary the intensity rises when the quality of the group comes out: still two choral actions lead to Verdi's double conclusion that doubling the doubling by a whisker. The net is in the air, and arrives thanks to a great play by Paganini (67 ') on the left who misses an opponent and crosses to the center where Gwiazdowska arrives before the opponent's defenders and scores the 2-0! Despite the two goals of advantage the Arezzo continues to maintain the high line and a continuous pressing on the ball carriers, possible game thanks to the solidity of the defensive line composed by Orsi and Razzoli, with Mencucci and the debutant Gonzi very good not to let pass the opposing players. Verdi, Gwiazdowska and the new entry Casini touch the third goal, but in the end the biggest thrill comes from the Currency that hits the crossbar from the distance! At the triple whistle they celebrate the Amaranth girls for the first victory in the championship that brings the Arezzo to jump up two positions (9 ° place) with its 4 points.

Imolese Women - ACF Arezzo = 2-0

Markers: 38 'Arzedi, 67' Gwiazdowska (Ar)

Imolese Women: Fara, Manara, Falcone (74 'Hill), Finotello, Pope, Polidori, Iraci, Mozzillo, Marchi (78' Currency), Nahi, Valenti. Available: Curulli, Sassi, Cavarra. Coach: Mastroiaco Davide

ACF Arezzo: Antonelli, Orsi, Razzoli, Gonzi, Mencucci, Baracchi, Arzedi (90 'Pieri), Verdi (78' Prosperi), Gwiazdowska, Mazzini (71 'Casini), Paganini. Available: Ruotolo, Carleschi. Coach: Antonio Paduano

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