Tuesday, December 10 2019
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A beautiful Parma falls in Pinerolo

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Pinerolo (TO), 10 Novembre 2019 - The most beautiful Parma seen so far is not enough to gain the first seasonal points after the 6 ° Day of the National Series C Championship. Sunday 10 November 2019, on the field "Barbieri" of Pinerolo (TO) , the Crusades give way to measure (2-1) with Pinerolo, but they can widely complain about the many unfinished chances and on a crossbar hit by Friars on a kick at the end of the first half.

The fairly heavy field complicates the game in midfield, but the Gialloblù the same immediately start well coming several times in the opposing area, without being able, however, to find the way of the network. At the 15 ′, on a corner kick pattern, Fragni's left-handed finish high; pass 4 minutes and a nice combination Fragni / Galvani allows Marseglia to finish, even if to the side. At the 21 ′ the Crusade defense is perfect in fending off a Paoletti incursion and putting in a corner. At 28 ′ Alfieri, with excellent timing, he recovers on Paoletti. At 30 ′ Galvani jumps 2 opponents and serves Marseglia who controls well, but his shot is retaken. At 35 ′ excellent output of Galloni. Al 40 ′ foul on Sacchi thrown in the goal: Marseglia's free kick parried by Boaglio. At the 43 ′ the referee whistles for another free kick, this time for a foul on Pizzera: on the ball Frati who with a great shot catches the crossbar, the ball bounces off the line and the defense clears.

In the second half we witness a real siege Crusader with Galvani and Santirocco authentic thorns on the sides of the local defense. At 5 ′ st on Santirocco Sacchi's cross he is anticipated; at the 6 ′ st Galvani jumps Cardone and puts in the middle, but the defense postpones. Il Pinerolo responds with Leccese, and Fragni & C. save themselves for a corner. At the 8 ′ still Santirocco per Sacchi, with the defense that replies. After a minute, Marseglia tries from the edge, but the aim is not the best. At the 11 ′ st Lombardi, recently taking over from Sacchi, he tries a lob from the 40 meters that the goalkeeper Boaglio fucks for a corner. At the 18 ′ st the Pinerolo takes the lead with Leccese taking advantage of a slip from the goalkeeper Galloni and bags with an unguarded door. At 22 ′ st Galvani jumps 3 opponents enters the area and serves Marseglia but is anticipated. At the 28 ′ st Bertone crosses the ball that touches Ngobi's arm in the middle: ì the referee decrees the penalty kick. From the disk Paoletto transforms (28 ′ st). Parma is not there and shortens immediately (30 ′ st) with Galvani who receives from Baccanti and finds the corner: for the number 10 is the second consecutive center in the last two races. Parma pours into the attack, but Marseglia does not take action on the left. At 35 ′ st the draw seems like a done deal: Santirocco jumps Cardone and puts in for Boselli who shoots high from an excellent position. At the 37 ′ st Galloni it is perfect on Usseglio's shot. The last minutes are all of the Crusade brand, but despite the profuse generosity and a couple of shots from outside the area the game ends on the 2-1 for the Piedmontese.

Markers: 18 ′ st Leccese, 28 ′ st Paoletto (rig), 30 ′ st Galvani

PINEROLO - Boaglio; Cardone (38 ′ st Rubioglio), Graziotto; Magnarini, Bianco (14 ′ st Felizia), Aimetti; Usseglio, Gilli, Paoletto, Leccese (29 ′ st Bertone), Ponzio. Allmo Zummo
Available: 13. Favaro, 14. Culasso, 17. Dear, 19. Word

PARMA - Gallons; Alfieri, Fragni (Cap.); Pizzera, Frati, Ngobi; Santirocco, Baccanti, Sacchi (7 ′ st Lombardi), Galvani, Marseglia (34 ′ st Boselli). Allazz. Bazzini
Available: 12. Ravanetti; 13. Saccani, 14. Naummi, 15. Cataldi, 18. Punzi

Referee: Mr. Abou El Ella Omar of the AIA Section of Milan

Assistants: Sigg. Falco and Rivoira di Pinerolo

Ammonite: White; Bacchae, Friars

Recovery: 1 '+ 4'

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