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The match of the "newcomers" signs the first victory of the Free Girls

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On the sixth day of the Serie C championship, the "neo-promotions" match between Catanzaro women's football and the Free Girls is staged in Catanzaro. The Calabrian team, which has always won in the previous matches within the "friendly" walls, has two more points in the ranking than Mr. Mucci's team, always looking for the first victory in this championship.

Despite the important defections of Speca and Giuliani, the Abruzzese set a high rhythm to the challenge, playing with great order and determination. The deserved advantage is in the air and arrives at the minute 18, with Calvano who bags the first goal of the season. 20 minutes pass and the striker from Vasto is still the protagonist, who signs his personal double. At the end of the first half the result is 0-2.

The second half begins along the lines of the previous one, with the Teramo girls taking the reins of the game and closing it at minute 60, with the first network of Romans. The same striker doubles 15 minutes later, bringing the result to the 4-0. The networks of Tontodonati at 77esimo and Fusco at 80esimo set the final score on the 6-0 and give the first three-point joy to President Cieri's team.

This is Mr. Mucci's comment at the end of the game: «a great victory, strongly desired by the girls, who expressed a nice kick during the 90 minutes. We were good and cynical to exploit the errors of the opposing rearguard, but I would like to congratulate the team of Catanzaro, a team masterfully directed by Mr. Sabadini that presents within the list of the prominent and talented not common elements in this championship. Probably a penalty, unjustly not assigned to the Calabrians, would have changed the balance in the game, but I can be satisfied with my team and every single girl who entered the field. I would like to personally thank the president of Catanzaro, Giacomo Moscatello, a person with great human qualities, for the great hospitality and welcome given to us and for his acute sensitivity towards women's football.
It was a nice page of football, an excellent setting for loyalty and sportiness that I hope will serve as an example for the whole women's movement ».

The Free Girls joins the words of Mr. Mucci and affectionately thanks the Catanzaro women's football for the sportiness and great care reserved for us.

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