Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
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Good draw for the Apulia Trani away against the Free Girls

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. First exciting time and that saw the Trani team often make themselves dangerous. After just seven minutes it is Turco who worries about the Sanniti home defender with a powerful shot that is blocked by it.

The Apulia tries again with Dibenedetto, who in the area kicks out of the net. The goal is in the air and at the minute 21 'Manzi with a prodigious assist serves Dibenedetto who makes no mistake in front of the goalkeeper scoring the goal net. Still Apulia with the action of Delvecchio-Dibenedetto that pulls without fail finding the rejected of Sanniti that deviates in corner. 1 'minute of recovery is assigned. In the final from a corner in our favor the Abruzzo team retrieves the ball and starts off again by scoring the goal of the draw. 1-1 and teams in the locker room. The second half begins and the home team makes its pressing felt and tries to embarrass the Trani team that approaches the goal with two interesting punishments by Captain Delvecchio and in the final always with Dibenedetto who does not exploit. The Abruzzese during the race hit a crossbar and get a non-materialized penalty. Thus ends the 5 championship day.

APULIA TRANI: Mariano, Delvecchio, Tucci, Manzi (14 'st Cottino), Calabrese, Turkish (24' st Cagiano), Corvasce (24 'st Kasmin), Ventura (14' st De Musso), Chiapperini, Capriati (1 ' st Vitobello), Dibenedetto. Available: Montrone, Dellatte.
Coach: Michele Di Marzo

FREE GIRLS: Samnites, Fusco, Pasciullo, Cieri, Bruno, Speca, Tontodonati, Di Domenico, Marroni (25 'st D'Ignazio), Angelini (38' st Calvano), Romans. Available: Foglia, De Marcellis, Giovagnoni, Nardulli. Coach: Francesco Mucci

Networks: 21 'pt Dibenedetto (AT), 46' pt Brown (FG).

Referee: Mr Baiocchi of the Rimini branch. 1 ° assistant: Mr Cocciolone from the L'Aquila section. 2 ° assistant: Mr. Angelozzi of the Avezzano section.


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