Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
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The Chieti Calcio Femminile bowed to Palermo

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The Chieti Calcio Femminile loses 4-2 away against Ludos Palermo. It was a match for long stretches balanced. The neroverdi in the first half naively conceded a net to the opponents who took advantage of the only neroverde defensive oversight. In the second half the girls fought in the big fight, taking the result twice thanks to goals from Vukcevic and Giuliana before giving in to the final.

The game opens in the sign of the Ludos that touches the goal to the 3 ′ with La Cavera who calls to the miracle Falcocchia, the ball then returns on the feet of the same La Cavera, but the latter pulls very high.
The net of the advantage of the hosts is however only postponed: to the 6 ′ Dragotto of head exalt still Falcocchia that succeeds in deviating the sphere with great intervention, but the same remains in game and arrives in Cusmà that puts in net that in game.

The Chieti immediately hints at a reaction. At 16 'a punishment by Giulia Di Camillo goes off centrally in Campanella's arms.
At 23 ′ an excellent intuition of Panichi sets Fischer in motion who turns well in the area, but his shot is deflected by a defender.
At the half-hour on the corner of Fischer is Giuliana who, lurking in the area, starts a shot that is blocked once again by a careful Campanella.
At the 32 ′ it is Carnival to give the illusion of goals with an insidious parable from a concealed position that ends just above the crossbar. Two minutes later, after a forward pass, the ball overtakes Giada Di Camillo and arrives in Bassano, which goes off at speed but then concludes centrally with Falcocchia that blocks with confidence. At the 36 ′ Falcocchia is still the protagonist when he goes out on the feet of Bassano unraveling a difficult situation. A minute later, Giulia Di Camillo takes advantage of an opponent's mistake, but her attempt at the net is deflected for a corner by a defender. On the corner is the same Giulia Di Camillo to have the big chance for a draw when she tries to overtake Campanella from an impossible position, but the goalkeeper with the help of the team mates gets along and manages to avoid the worst.
At the 40 ′ Ferrazza save by harpooning the ball with an incredible defensive intervention in reverse on a throw that would have put a player of the Ludos practically in front of the door.
In the last minutes of the first half Campanella neutralizes another Giulia Di Camillo free kick.
We go to rest with the Ludos in the lead for 1-0.

Upon returning to the field, Chieti appears more bold and determined to rebalance the fate of the race.
On the corner of Fischer at the 2 ′ it is Giada Di Camillo who has the right ball to equalize, but pulls centrally and Campanella blocks. A minute later, Carnevale flies off towards the door, but the referee fishes it in the offside position. Still a doubtful offside stops the action of Vukcevic launched on the net at 5 ′: strong protests from Giulia Di Camillo who, on the occasion, is warned by the race director.
At the 7 ′ Chieti arrives at the deserved draw with a fine performance on a free kick by Vukcevic, slightly deflected by Panarello.
The Chieti believes and at the 11 ′ Giulia Di Camillo launches in depth Vukcevic that pulls up Campanella in desperate exit. A minute later great opportunity for Ludos when on the diagonal of Cusmà Coco arrives with a moment of delay and fails to divert the ball into the net.

The hosts insist and at 18 ′ they once again become dangerous with Dragotto whose shot is deflected for a corner by Benedetti.
At the 23 ′ the Ludos back in the lead thanks to a robbery goal by Cusmà good at being found in the right place at the right time by diverting the ball into the net with the gate practically empty.
The Chieti, however, does not give up and finds the new draw at 27 ′: Giuliana sees herself rejecting the first attempt by a defender, but on the second she manages to score with a great shot of a counterbalance.
At the 37 ′ Bassano he pulls high from a good position. Two minutes later Coco was landed in the full area by Ferrazza and the referee indicated the spot, the penalty was transformed by Bassano who scored the 3-2.
At the 43 ′ Zito touches the trevrsa on a free kick.
At the 45 ′ comes the fourth goal of the Ludos with Bassano making his way into the area, pulling and finding the unfortunate detour of Alice Giuliana who displaces Falcocchia.
After four minutes of recovery the referee sends the two teams to the locker room: 4-2 ends for Ludos, a score that punishes the neroverdi of Mister Lello Di Camillo who would have deserved at least a draw for what he saw on the field.
Now head to the demanding home game against Catania scheduled for next Sunday at the Antistadio di Francavilla al Mare.

Match sheet:

Ludos Palermo - Chieti Female Football 4-2
Networks: 6 ′ and 23 ′ st Cusmà, 7 ′ st Vukcevic, Giuliana 27 ′ st, 39 ′ st and 45 ′ st Bassano

Palermo: Campanella, Governale (24 ′ st Riccobono, 48 ′ Catanese st), La Cavera (9 ′ st Coco), Cusmà, Collovà, Panarello, Lazzara, Zito, Dragotto, Bassano, Intravaia. To disp .: Iemma, Talluto, Giaimo.
Herds Licciardi Antonella.

Chieti Women's Football: Falcocchia, Di Camillo Giada, De Vincentiis, Ferrazza, Benedetti, Vukcevic, Fischer, Di Camillo Giulia, Panichi, Giuliani, Carnival (30 ′ st Di Sebastiano).
Available: Seravalli, Di Domizio, Gangemi, Giuliani, Lacentra, Colecchi.
All .: Di Camillo Lello

Referee: Morello di Tivoli
Assistants: Rallo of Marsala and Mastrosimone of Palermo.
Ammonite: Di Camillo Giulia, Di Camillo Giada (C); Zito (L)

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