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Beyond the damage ... the prank: the first defeat for the Free Girls arrives

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At the sports facility "La pineta dei Liberti" in Ardea (RM), the match is staged, valid for the fourth day of the Serie C championship, between women's Aprilia racing, top team and the ASD Free Girls.
The game was heavily conditioned by a gross oversight of Mr. Dini of Città di Castello, which awarded a non-existent penalty kick for Giuliani's hand ball.
Mister Mucci deploys an unprecedented 4-3-3, with Fusco, Calvano and Marroni in attack.

At the minute 15 the first chance for the guests: Pasciullo in front of the goalkeeper is hypnotized by the extreme defender opponent.
After a thrilling start, the cold shower comes at minute 24, when an invented penalty kick is awarded to our girls. The protests are useless: the Roman team takes the lead.
This episode, which will condition the whole match, provokes the spark of pride in the girls of Mr. Mucci: first Marroni, then Bruno and finally Fusco go very close to a draw on a header.
Before the break Tontodonati tries a shot from distance, saved by the Roman 1 number.
The first time ends on the result of 1-0.

The second portion of the game begins with a battle-like attitude on the part of President Cieri's team. After the first 20 minutes in which the guest girls have the absolute dominance of the game, two golden opportunities arrive: at the minute 69 Tontodonati takes an incredible cross from 20 meters and at minute 82 Nozzi, on a corner kick development, goes close to the advantage from a close position. The same Abruzzese defender will be expelled soon after for sum of admonitions.
The match ends like this: 1-0 for the women's Aprilia Racing.

In addition to the arbitration hoax, not at the height of this match, it is worth mentioning the capital performance of the extreme defender Sanniti, a very young goalkeeper who, in his first professional game, lived up to such an important challenge, with great clarity and skill.

This is the comment of Mr. Mucci: "hot, I can say that the referee proved to be inadequate and biased, but in the world of football a statement like that would be taken for granted. Going to analyze the game, we are bitter about the good game played against a well-registered team and fielded by coach Bianchi. Unfortunately we were unlucky even on the clear occasions we had for the draw. Now head to the home challenge with the Apulia Trani, with the hope that fate will also come from our side ".

Sergio Mucci, ASD Free Girls press officer

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