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Andrea Alesiani (female Riccione): "The top of the ranking is a dream that is being realized"

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Right arm of the coach of the under 17 Casadei and a valid collaborator of the coach of the first Migani team, he represents the historical archive of the women's football movement in Riccione, a reality known after the meeting with the greatest manager Arianna Fabbri.
Face to face with Andrea Alesiani, a precious element in the staff of the company with its excellent obscure work, performed behind the scenes.

Hello Mr. Alesiani, what is your role in society?
I am a factotum executive, considering my long experience in the sector, I collaborate with the company interfacing in particular with the under 17 coach Casadei as well as exchanging different opinions with the first Migani team's coach.

How did you get into women's football?
I work in the world of women's football from the 90 and I have been able to follow the evolution of the entire movement in Riccione over the decades; I have approached this reality since I met my wife Arianna Fabbri, who immediately involved me in this new world; I am very humble and ambitious, I try to listen, observe, as well as try to learn as much as possible when I am present at training sessions and matches.

Did you expect a sparkling start from the first team?
The conditions were all there, the group is formed by a group of valid girls; last year's skeleton was reinforced with the inclusion of players from other teams as well as replenished with targeted grafts from the thriving spring nursery; things are going well, it is a dream that is becoming reality, we hope it can last as long as possible.

How long will it take to get a high-level Primavera team back?
It will take a few years and a lot of patience to re-establish the youth sector; this season we thought it appropriate to participate in the under 17 championship by deploying young girls who have recently entered the world of football, many of them coming from football to 9; they are very young and willing footballers who have everything to learn, to get to the top as they did last year, it will take time.

Asd female Riccione, press office

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