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The Chieti Calcio Femminile beats the Salento Women and aims the top of the ranking

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the Chieti Calcio beats 2-1 the Salento Women at the Antistadio in Francavilla and leads to 9 points in the standings winning the third consecutive victory after the only misstep had so far, the first one against Pomigliano.
The neroverdi play a game with two faces: first half almost constantly attacked, crowned by two goals from Giulia Di Camillo and Vukcevic, a third touched and then the Salento goal unfortunately suffered at the end;

a second in which there was a small decline and the simultaneous ascent of the opponents, but the neroverdi were however good at managing the result despite the expulsion of Scioli arrived about twenty minutes from the end of the game that could have complicated things .

The match's chronicle opens at 12 'with guests coming to the conclusion with Cucurachi, but his shot goes wide. Two minutes later, an insidious Fischer parable from a narrow angle touches the crossing of the poles. At fifteen minutes an authentic miracle by Falcocchia on Cucurachi's great save saves the neroverdi from capitulation. Salento insists and shortly afterwards D'Amico touches the upright with a fine shot around.

At the 18 'Chieti takes the lead: a perfect cross from the Fischer band to the head of Giulia Di Camillo who directs the ball where Raicu can't quite reach.
The neroverdi want the doubling and they carry more and more to the attack. At the 23 'is Carnival, among the best in the field, to put up the crossbar from a good position.
At 25 'a great defensive intervention by Ferrazza avoids the worst: excellent the angle advance on Tirabassi.

The Chieti doubles at the 32 'with a masterful punishment of Vukcevic: nothing to do in the circumstance for Raicu who cannot possibly arrive on the millimetric parabola designed by the Neroverde striker. The most beautiful action of the first half arrives at the 38 'when Fischer sets Scioli in motion who in turn sees Vukcevic in the center of the area, serves her, but the latter's attempt ends up high.
At the 43 'the Chieti touches the set: Scioli goes to the area, raids Raicu, the ball ends up on Panichi's feet who tries a shot from far away, but the ball is printed on the inside pole and returns incredibly field. At the end of the first half the Salento shortens the distance with D'Amico good on the punishment of Costadura to touch the sphere of that much to deceive Falcocchia.
It then goes to rest on the 2-1 for the hosts.

The resumption begins in the sign of Chieti with Vukcevic who ends up flying in the arms of Raicu.
At the 13 'Panichi ends high on the crossbar. At the 28 'Scioli remedies the expulsion and leaves his companions in ten for the final match. At the 36 'it is Fischer who goes into personal action and concludes with a goal, the miraculous parade of Raicu that takes the ball from the crossing of the poles.
Two minutes later an excellent intuition of Giulia di Camillo favors the insertion of Fischer into the area, who puts on the net, but the referee sees an offside and cancel position.
There are no other significant episodes up to the end and the Chieti celebrates an important victory in view of the difficult trip against Ludos.

Match sheet:

Chieti Soccer Women - Salento Women 2-1
Networks: 18 'pt Giulia Di Camillo, 32' pt Vukcevic, 45 'pt D'Amico

Chieti Women's Football: Falcocchia, Di Camillo Giada, Ferrazza, Benedetti, Vukcevic, Fischer, Di Camillo Giulia, Panichi, Giuliani, Carnevale, Scioli.
A disp .: Seravalli, De Vincentiis, Di Sebastiano, Di Domizio, Gangemi, Giuliani, Lacentra, Colecchi.
All .: Di Camillo Lello

Salento Women: Raicu, Risola (37 'pt Ruggio), Felline, Costadura, Guido, Colavolpe (30' pt Coluccia), Cucurachi, De Benedetto (12 'st Margari), Cazzato, D'Amico, Tirabassi (36' st Ouacif ). Available: Errico, Aprile, Vitti, Polo, Durante.
All: Indino Vera

Referee: Ancona hermit
Assistants: Fairy of Avezzano and Di Rocco of Pescara.
Ammonite: Ferrazza, Di Camillo Giada, Scioli (C); Indino (S)
Expelled: Scioli (C)


Lisa Falcocchia: "In the first half we played well and were concentrated, but then there was a drop in the last few minutes and we conceded the goal. They returned to the field more determined and aggressive, but we were good at bringing home the three points. We stood up to a great team by winning a difficult game. My parade in the first half? It was the hardest intervention of my match. I liked Vukcevic's free-kick, but Giulia's goal was also good: their presence on the pitch is very important to us, like that of Captain Giada. Even the new girls have integrated themselves to the fullest: a beautiful Chieti is forming which I hope will do well.
We are second with 9 points and three consecutive victories that are moral. Now let's think about the trip against Ludos ”.

The Chieti Women's Football Press Officer
Piero Vittoria

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