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Away victory for Chieti Calcio for women: Roma Decimoquarto beat for 3 at 0

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the Chieti Calcio beats 3-0 the Roma Decimoquarto away thanks to goals from Vukcevic and Scioli (twice) and brings home three important points that allow you to move up to six in the standings.
It was not an easy game, played with the usual grit from the neroverdi who found themselves facing a tricky team that tried in every way to make life difficult for Vukcevic and her companions, but in the end the result seemed right given the size of built game and to the occasions from net had from the Chieti.

The Roma Decimoquarto is strong and at the 1 'a forward launch favors the inclusion of Damiani anticipated by the providential exit of Falcocchia.

Three minutes later, it was very common for Chieti: Fischer, once again among the best in the field, focuses on a great ball for Vukcevic who doesn't think twice about him and ends up with a great diagonal that is completely printed on the pole. The action goes on and in the center of the area Carnevale puts on the net, but the referee cancels for offside by the same Neroverde player.

At the 6 'always Fischer fish Giuliana well, but her shot is too central.

Carnival is constantly present in Chieti's attacking maneuvers and becomes dangerous on two occasions, but both times it is fished offside by the race director.

At 14 'from a punishment by Giulia Di Camillo the ball ends up on Giuliana's feet trying to feed Ferrazza who arrives with a breath of delay on the ball and the dangerous action fades.

Two minutes later it is Giulia Di Camillo who ends up flying on Fischer's corner, a little high ball.

At the 18 'Roma Decimoquarto is revised in attack with Chiara Di Carlo taking off on the offside, looking for the far post with a great diagonal but that ends up very little.

At the 23 'the Chieti finds the net of the advantage with Vukcevic, very good at turning around in the area making out a couple of defenders and chilling Maccarri with a great shot.

The neroverdi insist and a minute later a filtering ball from Fischer favors Carnevale that aims at a few centimeters too much.

At the 32 'the usual impregnable Fischer part on the band, is centered, but concludes weakly in the arms of Maccarri that para to earth. Fischer still protagonist when at the 36 'puts at the center for Giulia Di Camillo whose conclusion to the flight is blocked by a careful Maccarri.

The last chance of the first half is for Vukcevic who is stopped by the referee who is fishing in a dubious offside position. We go to rest on the 1-0 for the Chieti.

After a few seconds of the second half is Chiara Di Carlo who steals time from the neo-entrance De Vincentiis and flies to the door, Ferrazza is on his way to sacrifice himself to foil the dangerous goal from Roma Decimoquarto.

Still Chiara Di Carlo, surely the most active of the home team, goes at speed to the 6 ', but Falcocchia is very good at closing the door mirror coming out on his feet in avalanche.

At 8 'it is Carnival to touch the doubling for the Chieti ending a little high on the crossbar on the precise support of Fischer. At the 14 'excellent action by Giulia Di Camillo which sets Fischer in motion, crosses to the center for Scioli who fails to get on the ball for a matter of centimeters.

At the 19 'Chiara Di Carlo steals the ball in attack, but then sends the ball to the stars.

Then begins the "Scioli show": the blacker woman at the 23 'scores a spectacular goal anticipating the release of Maccarri with a millimeter lob. It is the 2-0 for Chieti.

Fischer deserves his first neroverde jersey network as far as he has been on the field up to that point, but at 29 'Maccarri is very good at denying him with a great dive intervention.

Always Fischer tries again at 33 'on a nice Vukcevic filtering ball, but pulls too weakly into Maccarri's arms. At the 37 'Chieti always makes tris with Scioli who, on Fischer's excellent suggestion, waits for Maccarri's exit and pierces her with a precise shot. It is the 3-0 that practically closes the games.

The last ball goal of the match is on the feet of Giulia Di Camillo who at the 44 ', with Maccarri out of goal, tries the shot from distance, but the ball splinters the crossbar.

3-0 ends for the neroverdi who celebrate an important victory ahead of the next home match against Salento.

Match sheet:


Rome Decimoquarto - Chieti Calcio Femminile 0-3

Rome Decimoquarto: Maccarri, Rossi, Monti, De Luca, Di Carlo C. (38 'st Latini), Damiani (26' pt Rodati), Santacroce, Berardi, Panetta, Loddo (25 'st Caponi), Carnevali (38' st Pomponi). To disp .: Riso, Di Carlo A., Del Giacco.

All .: Daniele Severini

Chieti Women's Football: Falcocchia, Ferrazza, Benedetti, Vukcevic (38 'st Colecchi), Fischer, Di Camillo Giulia, Panichi (25' st Di Domizio), Giuliana, Giuliani (1 'st De Vincentiis), Carnival, Scioli (38' st Lacentra).

A disp .: Seravalli, Di Camillo Giada, Di Sebastiano, Gangemi.

All .: Di Camillo Lello

Referee: Known of Palermo

Assistants: Bianchi di Roma and Mocanu di Roma 1.

networks: 23 'pt Vukcevic, 23' st and 37 'st Scioli.



Chiara Scioli:

"We risked too much, several times they went close to scoring after our advantage. It was a tough game, we never leave on the right foot unfortunately. In the first half we had a lot of difficulty in going into the goal and finishing. However, there was Vukcevic's goal that made us breathe a little. In the second, after my first network, the road was opened. At first I played in defense as a central, then the coach moved me up front. My goals? I especially liked the first one: I managed to make the left lob by anticipating the goalkeeper's exit. The second came following a good action and then a shot at the near post. After the debut in the league debut two victories have arrived that give us so much moral and make us feel good about ourselves. Now maximum concentration in view of the home commitment against Salento next Sunday. We no longer have to make mistakes

of the first day. We are well placed in the standings and we must continue on this path.

It is important to train at the best: I cannot always be with the team, but I also train alone at home. It is obvious that I prefer to do it with my companions also to create an increasingly united group and study the game movements ".


The Chieti Women's Football Press Officer

Piero Vittoria

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