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The Chieti Calcio Femminile beats 3-1 the Real Bellante

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It took a victory for the Chieti Calcio Femminile after the clear defeat in the league debut against Pomigliano also to drive away the ghosts of a possible crisis at the beginning of the season.
The reaction of the neroverdi has arrived punctually: the team of coach Lello Di Camillo has conquered three very important points against Real Bellante at the Antistadio of Francavilla after a game that proved to be even more difficult than expected.

Immediately in the lead at the first minute with Benedetti, the Chieti was reached at the 28 'and the 1-1 score went to rest. In the second half the Theatine girls climbed into the chair and thanks to a great double by Giulia Di Camillo they brought home the full mail.

Among the best in the field Fischer, always in full action: so many balls regained by him, from her they came dangerous from the bands, too bad she missed the goal touched on several occasions.
Chieti is on the attack at the referee's starting whistle. At the 1 'an insisted action on the Giulia Di Camillo wing was the cross in the middle for Benedetti who turned and pulled towards the goal, scoring the advantage thanks also to a slight but irrelevant deviation of a defender guest.

It seems that the match for the neroverdi looks good from the beginning, but it won't be like that, also thanks to a bit of bad luck in the goal area and also for the many Maranella parades in a day of grace.
At 11 'Falcocchia manages to unravel a situation that had become difficult after a defensive error by blocking the ball on Bellante's attack. A minute later, Giulia Di Camillo tried the distance, a little high ball. At the 14 'Fischer tries to reach the top from the top of the area, but his fine attempt is just a breath away. The Chieti insists and goes close to doubling with Benedetti who touches the crossbar at the suggestion of Giulia Di Camillo. At the 22 'an unstoppable Fischer flies on the wing and brushes a cross for the head of Benedetti who, however, fails to hit the best, the ball then ends up in Maranella's arms.
At the 28 'the sudden and unexpected draw of Real Bellante arrives: another error of the neroverde defense favors the inclusion of Cargini who cold Falcocchia on the exit with a precise lob.

On this occasion, the host striker is injured and has to give way to Di Pasquale.
At 35 'very dubious action: Carnival hits the head with a cross from Giulia Di Camillo, the ball seems to enter, but the referee lets the game continue.

Two minutes later it is still Fischer to cross a precise cross for the first intention of Giulia Di Camillo, but Maranella is miraculous and foils the dangerous opportunity.
At the 40 'Giulia Di Camillo is again on a penalty kick that severely engages Maranella.
In the minutes of recovery it is Carnival to pull up Maranella in a desperate exit. We therefore go to the locker rooms on the 1-1.
The recovery opens in the sign of Chieti. Carnival (also very positive his test at the end) at the 3 'puts an inviting ball in the center for Fischer, but once again Maranella is amazing to save himself.
At the 6 'Benedetti does not hook the ball in the best area on a cross from Giulia Di Camillo and Maranella blocks.
The captain Giada Di Camillo tries to 12 'with a nice diagonal, but Maranella appears insurmountable and para with security. The door of Real Bellante seems haunted even when at quarter of an hour Fischer tries again with another shot around that laps the crossing of the poles.
At the 18 ', here is the well-deserved advantage of Chieti: it is packaged by "the award-winning Di Camillo firm" with Giada putting a millimeter ball on Giulia's head that boldly beats Maranella.
It is the net of liberation, that of the 2-1 that splits the game. The Chieti, however, is still not satisfied and insists in attack touching the tris at the 20 'still with Giulia Di Camillo whose shot from outside is providentially deflected for a corner by a defender. After a series of substitutions, Giulia Di Camillo signed the brace on a penalty kick caused by a knockdown in the area by Benedetti.
The match closes with the score of 3-1: the neroverdi celebrate an important victory in front of the large number of fans rushed to incite them to Francavilla al Mare.

Match sheet:

Chieti Calcio Femminile - Real Bellante 3-1

Chieti Soccer Female: Falcocchia, Di Camillo Giada (31 'st Di Domizio), De Vincentiis, Ferrazza, Benedetti, Fischer, Di Camillo Giulia, Panichi, Giuliana, Giuliani (46' st Lacentra), Carnival (40 'st Colecchi).
A disp .: Seravalli, Di Sebastiano, Gangemi.
All .: Di Camillo Lello
Real Bellante: Maranella, Trapasso L., Rocci (46 'st Guerri), Iacone (34' st Cuomo), Of Lodovico, Di Leonardo (46 'st D'Egidio), Cargini (32' pt Di Pasquale, 34 'st Bartolacci), Ciccale, Massimo, Neri, Trapasso M ..
To disp .: Lobolo, Valentini.
All .: Parigiani Matteo
Referee: Romei from Isernia
Assistants: Colonna di Vasto and Roccalba di Lanciano.
Networks: 1 'pt Benedetti, 28' pt Cargini, 18 'st and 45' st Giulia Di Camillo.


Barbara Benedetti:
"I scored on one of the first actions of the game: I got the ball from the band, I focused, I kicked and it went well. There was also a small deviation, the important thing is that the sphere has entered the door. We started at our best, but after the immediate advantage, maybe we too soon laid down thinking that the game would then go downhill. It didn't go that way as they believed they were equalizing. The match then continued along these lines throughout the first half and also at the beginning of the second until our reaction took place. It was a well-deserved victory for me. There is applause to be made to the opposing goalkeeper who prevented us from scoring more goals on more than one occasion.
There are three points that give us moral: we needed this positive result after last week's bad defeat. Let's forget the bad performance with Pomigliano, let's enjoy this victory with Real Bellante, but immediately head to next Sunday ”.

The Chieti Women's Football Press Officer
Piero Vittoria

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