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Bologna has been conquered, Riccione remains first with a full score

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Three goals, all in the second half, by Gostoli and the former Abouziane and Antolini, allow Riccione women's football to conquer the field of Bologna and get the second victory in as many championship races: the girls of Mr. Migani play a good first half and put their foot on the accelerator in the second half, hitting a success that is worth the leadership in the standings.

The race is enjoyable from the first minutes, with the two teams facing each other openly and giving life to a lively match full of reversals in front; at the quarter of an hour the first great chance of the race is built by Riccione: Abouziane serves in depth Sommella whose shot splinters the crossbar of the door defended by Bassi; a minute later Antolini touches the lead, with a shot from outside that ends just wide.
The Bologna tries to react but never fails to worry Giorgi, who must limit himself to interventions of normal administration; the guests try to make themselves dangerous with a couple of corners thwarted by the rossoblù rearguard.
At the half hour the first change of the match: Mr. Migani is forced to release Amaduzzi, in pain after a blow received at the start of the race, and in his place he brings Esposito in.
In the best moment of the Riccione, Bologna equalizes the account of the woods: punishment from the 25 meters of Sciarrone and ball on the left pole of the door defended by Giorgi.

The recovery starts in the best way for Riccione: ready away and after only 30 seconds, Emilia in the lead; blunder of the rossoblù rearguard, Antolini's first attempt foiled by Bassi, and Abouziane's rebounding winning shot that scores the former goal and puts the guests ahead.
A minute later, a wrong raise by Giorgi becomes a great chance for Minelli but it is Giorgi herself who makes up for it with a good close-up intervention.
At the quarter hour ball goal for Sommella who finds himself all alone in front of Bassi, but the lob of the eleven Romagnola is foiled by the number one felsinea.
At the quarter-hour the doubling of the guests: Sommella serves Antolini in the area who doesn't think twice and sends the ball to the crossing of the poles, where Bassi can't reach.
The trio reaches the minute 82 and brings the Gostoli brand, which with a shot from the edge beats Bassi and signs the goal of the definitive 3 at 0 for Riccione.
At the triple whistle the well-deserved celebration of Romagna breaks out, keeping the top of the championship with 6 points in 2 races.

The following are the post-race declarations of Mr. Migani: "We played a race along the lines of other games, hesitant matches, we emerged at a distance thanks to the patience and experience of the girls who, although young, already boast several previous seasons. The performance of the whole team combined with the quality of the various Antolini, Abouziane, Gostoli and Magnani with an excellent defense that even today did not endure nets made the difference in the field. Having reached the fifth consecutive useful result, it will be essential to keep our feet on the ground by managing this rampant enthusiasm that is raging in the environment ”.

Very young under 15, Ravenna - Asd female Riccione 1-2

Second success in a row of the Romagna team that conquers the Ravenna field with goals by Luisa Iorio and Nicole Iorio.

Excellence, female Asd Riccione - Fossolo 1-0

Third consecutive victory and first place consolidated in the standings with 9 points by virtue of the precious victory of measure obtained thanks to the marking of Semprini.

Five-a-side football, female Asd Riccione - Acli S. Luca S. Giorgio 4-2

Quaterna of Petrosillo's team that brings home the entire stake up for grabs thanks to the double goals from Fratini and Piersanti Gessaroli

Serie C, Bologna-Riccione 0-3

Markers: 46 'Abouziane 60' Antolini 82 'Gostoli

Bologna: Bassi, Giuliano (63 'Perugini), Becchimanzi, Pacella, Simone, Hassanaine (64' Racioppo), Sciarrone, Mastrovincenzo, Schipa (72 'Pallotta), Zanetti, Minelli (72' Patelli). To disp .: Benassi, Cattaneo, Berselli, Mingardi, Rambaldi. All .: M.Galasso

Riccione: Giorgi, M.Amaduzzi (29 'Esposito 88' Russarollo) Gostoli, D'Aprile, Rodriguez, Dominici, Sommella (61 'Marcattilli), Magnani, Abouziane (84' Ciavatta), Antolini, Della Chiara. To disp .: A.Amaduzzi. All .: F.Migani

Referee: Mazzoni di Prato
Ammonite: D'Aprile (R) Becchimanzi, Bassi (B)

Asd female Riccione, press office

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