Friday, November 15 2019
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The Salento Women Soccer defeat at the Sicula Leonzio home

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First false step of the season for the girls of Salento Women Soccer.
After having slipped three victories in a row, the first two in the Italian Cup and the third in the league, on Sunday the Giallorossi fell to the municipal Belpasso, on the second day of Serie C, under the blows of the Sicula Leonzio hosts: 3- 2 the final result in favor of the Sicilians.

Twice in advantage, Salento Women Soccer was not able to manage the match giving the possibility to the opponents to remain in the game until the end and to win a race on the whole balanced. The defeat is meanwhile a negative performance of the group and in particular of the unhappy day of some of the protagonists.

The injury was also accompanied by the mockery of injuries to Coluccia in the first half and to Orefice in the second half, as well as the expulsion of Captain D'Amico. "We return home empty-handed and with so much anger in our bodies for having wasted a great opportunity - emphasizes coach Vera Indino -. Unfortunately, when technical errors of a certain gravity are made it is difficult to avoid the worst, we take the loss with the hope that it will serve as a lesson for the future. We were not phenomena before and we did not become pitchers after this false step, now we will have to recover our energy quickly and concentrate on the next championship engagement, where we will probably go on the pitch with a reworked formation. cause of injuries and disqualifications ".

On Sunday Salento Women Soccer will return to play at the Collepasso municipal: the Santander of Sant'Egidio will take turns. Starting whistle at 14.00.

Results (second day) - Sicula Leonzio-Salento Women Soccer 3-2, Apulia Trani-Rome XIV 2-0, Ludos Palermo-Pomigliano 0-0, Sant'Egidio-Free Girls 1-1, Chieti-Real Bellante 3-1 , Dream Team-Catanzaro 0-1, Aprilia-Pescara 0-0.

Ranking: Sicula Leonzio points 6, Pescara, Aprilia, Pomigliano, Sant'Egidio 4; Salento Women Soccer, Apulia Trani, Catanzaro, Chieti 3; Free Girls 2; Ludos Palermo, Dream Team Napoli 1; Real Bellante, Rome XIV 0.

Next round (third day): Pomigliano-Dream Team Naples, Catanzaro-Trani, Sicula Leonzio-Ludos Palermo, Free Girls-Pescara, Real Bellante-Aprilia, Rome XIV-Chieti, Salento Women Soccer-Sant'Egidio.

Sicula Leonzio-Salento Women Soccer 3-2

Sicula Leonzio: Aleo, Pietrini, Di Stefano, Agati (21 'st Salvoldi), Signorelli, Finocchiaro, Di Mauro (1' st Priolo), Martella, Pennisi (34 'st Sarao), Ndiongue, Suriano. On the bench: Puglisi, Militello, Russo Ma., Russo Mo., Chirico. Coach Giuseppe Scuto.

Salento Women Soccer: Raicu, Sozzo, Felline, Orefice (42 'st Aprile), Costadura, Coluccia (21' pt During), Tirabassi, Cucurachi, Cazzato, D'Amico, Colavolpe (15 'st Ouacif). On the bench Errico, Carrafa Alessandra, Vitti. Vera Indino trainer.

Referee: Lenti di Paola.

Markers: in the pt 25 'D'Amico (Sa); 32 'Martella (Si); 41 'Costadura (Sa); in the st 6 'Ndiongue (Si) on penalty; 40 'Martella (Si).

Notes: spectators around two hundred. Expelled: at 32 'st Finocchiaro (Si), 40' st D'Amico (Sa). Recovery: pt 3 '; st 4 '.

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