Friday, November 15 2019
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Great victory for Apulia Trani, who beat Roma XIV Decimoquarto for 2-0

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The Tranese team dominates the match for all 90 leaving nothing to the opponents. Many attempts were made in the first part, including a Di Benedetto pole, but the dispute is released in the second stage with Capitan Delvecchio who transforms a penalty awarded for a foul on Saltarelli, and with Benedetto who signs the doubling. Meanwhile we celebrate together with the victory, the birth of the small Mauro came to light at 21.04 Saturday 12 October.

Greetings to the historic captain of the Apulia Trani, as well as an important and reference figure for the whole youth sector Irene Spallucci and to the father Francesco Mannatrizio ex coach Apulia Trani. The girls took to the field they wore T-shirts with the writing: <> Day that gave us strong emotions.

APULIA TRANI: Mariano, Delvecchio, Saltarelli, Tucci, Cottino, Cagiano, Corvasce, Chiapperini (25 'st Turco), Calabrese (42' st Desmangles), Dibenedetto, Capriati (20 'st Vitobello). Available: Montrone, Manzi, Pirolo, De Musso, Celi. Coach: Michele Di Marzo.

ROME XIV DECIMOQUARTO: Riso, Latini (24 'st Di Carlo) Rossi, Monti, De Luca, Di Carlo, Santacroce, Berardi (41' st Iommi), Caponi (37 'st Rodati), Carnevali, Panetta. Available: Maccarri, Lazzari. Coach: Daniele Severini
Referee: Mr Crispino from the Frattamaggiore section.
Note: 1 recovery 'pt + 3' st.

Networks: 5 'st Delvecchio, 29' st Dibenedetto.


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