Debut with a bang for Torres Sassari, Grifone Gialloverde defeated 5 at 1

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The Female Torres starts well in the championship and beats the Gialloverde Griffin with a peremptory 5-1 thanks to two goals from Marenic and Lombardo and Campesi's goal. The rossoblùs will fly to Pistoia on Saturday to face the first seasonal trip to the field, after the one in the Coppa Italia at La Maddalena.
In the first minutes of the game, the two teams study, but it is the Torres Feminine who finds the advantage at 9 ′ with Marenic. The Serbian striker, after a solitary race, wedges himself in the area and easily crosses the opponent's defender.

At 18 ′ the girls of Mr. Desole become dangerous twice for Lombard. First the Sicilian midfielder with a free-kick from the 25 meters tries to worry Antonelli, who takes refuge in a corner, then the goalkeeper is forced to hack after a cross shot by the same Lombardo. Two minutes later, from the axis Borg-Ladu, Torres again doubled the lead, but the defense of the Grifone Gialloverde was able to avoid being caught unprepared.
At the 23 ′ the team of Mr. Serafico looks forward, but Antonilli does not find the door mirror.

Ten minutes later the rossoblu become dangerous with Ladu, who is slightly restrained by an opponent and the shot, out of balance does not create difficulties for the Grifone Gialloverde's goalkeeper '99' class.
In the recovery comes the last action of the first fraction, with the Marenic, that on the developments of a free kick finds little the mirror of the goal.

In the second half the music does not change and the Grifone Gialloverde fails to create noteworthy opportunities and Torres Female administers the advantage. At the 60 ′ mister Desole and Serafico they begin the swirl of change by inserting Dasara and Adiutori, instead of Ladu and Rufaida respectively. At the 64 ′ comes the doubling of the Torres Female. Lombardo serves Marenic who with a lob pierces the innocent Antonelli finding the second goal of his match.
Mister Serafico's girls try four minutes later, but Fatati's right hand is rejected by Savickaitė, committed to the first real intervention of his rossoblù jersey adventure.
At the 74 ′ the Female Torres with Lombardo finds the 3-0, which seems to close the match.

The Griffin is not there and pushes forward winning a penalty after just one minute. Bevilacqua shows up from the spot, who makes no mistake and beats Savickaitė.
The rossoblùs do not suffer the psychological backlash of the opposing goal and at the 78 ′ it is precisely the rossoblù girls who find the bottom of the net. The goal of the 4-1 comes once again on a penalty kick, caused by a touch of Conti's hand. From the 11 meters Lombardo makes no mistake and finds the 20esimo goal of the season between the female Torres League and the Italian Cup.

In the recovery the referee whistles the third penalty of the match, this time for a foul immediately from Campesi and just with the former West Ham player the Sassari find the 5-1, score that marks the end of the match. Next week, on Saturday, the rossoblùs will challenge Pistoiese.
Today the season ticket campaign with the sale of the first cards was also opened, which can be purchased at our headquarters from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 13 or at the entrance of Usini's "Peppino Sau", before the match against Arezzo .

Jelena Marenic
First game, immediately two goals. How did it go?
I'm happy, we played very well. Today it was a test against a tough opponent, but we got a good result.
Compared to last year, you have the chance to play from the beginning. a comment on this and your new companions.
Just happy to be able to play from the first game after the problems of the season. We have a good team, with good foreign players and I hope to improve game after game.

Valentina Congia
The result may suggest a one-way game, but in reality it was a match in balance for more than 60 ′.
We take every game without underestimating the opponent. Every game is in its own right and we will do our best until the end like we did today in the remaining matches of the championship, to try to always bring 3 points home.
This year the Female Torres has the opportunity to start the season with a wide range from the first matches.
This year we have the ambition to do better than last year and we are fortunate to have a wider range. We will use this advantage to achieve the goals we have set ourselves.
How is the insertion of new players going?
We are a conglomeration of girls with such different cultures. We have integrated ourselves well and will continue to work on this.

Mario Desole
Mister, an analysis on this debut in the league.
We are happy for the 3 points, because the first game always hides many pitfalls. The girls behaved very well and played the match very positively.
This year the Female Torres has a wide team from the beginning: this also allows them to make choices about who to field on the field from time to time.
Last year we started with a slightly narrower rose, but this season the company worked very well and gave me the opportunity to have many items to choose from right away. They are good girls, there are not so many differences between them. It is a group that must achieve its goals together, always working to the maximum.

FC Sassari Torres Female-Griffon Gialloverde 5-1 (1-0)

FC Sassari Torres Women: Savickaitė, Farris (85 ′ Sotgia), Tola, Congia (C), Campesi; Borg (80 ′ Fancellu), Sotgiu, Lombardo (85 ′ Monti); Ferrer (80 ′ Shaheen); Ladu (60 ′ Dasara), Marenic
Available: Rizzon, Sanna, Sotgia, Monti, Shaheen, Fancellu, Dasara
Yellow-green Griffon: Antonelli, Fiore, Conti, Fatati, Verro; Grassi, Bevilacqua (C); Saccoma, Rufaida (60 ′ Adiutori), Forgnone (74 ′ Norido); Antonilli
Available: Adiutori, Norido
Booked: 77 ′ Conti, 84 ′ Fiore
Markers: 9 ′, 64 ′ Marenic, 74 ′, 78 ′ Lombardo, 75 ′ (R), Bevilacqua (R), 90 ′ Campesi (R)
Recovery: 2 ′ pt, 3 ′ st

Fabrizio Pinna
Press officer

ASDFC Sassari Torres Female

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