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Parma, the women's weekend

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Noceto, 4 October 2019 - These are the official commitments of the Formations of the Parma Women's Sector on the 5 weekend and the 6 October 2019:

1 ^ SQUADRA, NATIONAL "SERIE C", 1 ^ Day of the Outgoing Round: PARMA-CAMPOMORONE (Field "A" in natural grass of the Sports Complex "Il Noce" in Noceto), Sunday 6 October 2019, 15.30 hours. (Click here for info and curiosity)

JUNIORES UNDER 19, "LOMBARDY CHAMPIONSHIP", 4 ^ Outward Roundabout Day: REAL MEDA-PARMA (Natural grass field "Busnelli", Meda, MB), Saturday 5 October 2019, 18.15 hours. The Lombardians lead the standings with 7 points, the result of two wins and a draw, that of last week with the other leaders Como (at 7 also the Fiammamonza); The Crusades, awaiting the recovery of Saturday 2 Novembre pv at 18 at the Sports Center in via Treviglio 8 in Milan of the 1 ^ Day with Minerva Milan follow at 6 altitude, thanks to the two victories of the 2 ^ Day (0-5 on the Dresano ). and 3 ^ Day (12-0 at Tabiago).

ALLIEVE UNDER 17, "LOMBARDY CHAMPIONSHIP", 4 ^ Outgoing Round Group Day: PRO SESTO-PARMA (Synthetic field "Breda B", Sesto San Giovanni, MI), Sunday 6 October 2019, 16.30 hours. Waiting for the recovery of the first two days of the championship, postponed for organizational reasons, with Athena at home, and with Cologno outside, for the Crusades it is the first seasonal trip, after the internal debut with Atalanta “B” (1- 6) last week.

YOUNG UNDER 15, “EMILIA ROMAGNA CHAMPIONSHIP”, 1 ^ Outgoing Round Group Day: PARMA-SASSUOLO (Reduced synthetic field of the “Il Noce” Sports Complex in Noceto, Sunday 6 October 2019, 11.00 hours

BEGINNERS UNDER 12 "MIXED PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIP OF CHICINI 2 ° YEAR, 2009", GROUP "A", 2 ^ Day; VALTARESE-PARMA (Campo "Bozzia" of Borgo Val di Taro), Saturday 28 October 2019, hours 16.00.

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