Sunday, December 15 2019
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Italian Cup Serie C: Parma impacts 3 at 3 in La Spezia

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La Spezia, 23 September 2019 - Parma Rosa, drawing 3-3 with La Spezia - in the Sunday 22 race September 2019, staged on the “Cimma” sports field, Pagliari location in La Spezia valid for the 3 ^ Triangular Day of the Group "8" - comes out of the Italian Cup of Serie C. To the girls of Mr. Andrea Bazzini, to be promoted to the second phase, it would have served to win with at least three goals of waste, without suffering any, but despite a dominated first time, they have had to capitulate under the blows of the most experienced Ligurian, while recovering three times the disadvantage and closing the challenge with a deserved draw.

Parma immediately began to attack with Galvani (6 ′) quick to break into the La Spezia defense, but at the last Polesi put in corner. After a couple of minutes Fragni is in the middle, but Marseglia and Galvani get in the way and the action fades. The Crusade defense closes every gap and exploits the restarts of Pizzola, Marseglia and Galvani. From a punishment whistled for a foul on the latter comes a great shot of Bacchae that grazes the crossbar. At the 27 ′ Parma scores with a manual Marseglia-Galvani action, but the referee cancels for offside. At the 37 ′ they combine the two attackers Crusades well, but the defense anticipates and retorts. At the 38 ′ it is Fragni to duet with Marseglia who, however, fails to kick in the goal. At the 44 ′ you can see the Spezia with Polesi who retrieves the ball on the front and manages to get to the shot with Gallons that guards in safety. In the second half the ducal immediately claim for a dubious retention on Galvani (3 ′ st), then it is the Spezia to become dangerous with Pascotti (Galloni puts in corner). At the 5 ′ Pizzola's personal action that at the limit verticalizes for Marseglia that puts the goalkeeper out, but the defenders manage to return to an unguarded door. After two minutes (7 ′ st) here is the cold shower for Parma: punishment of

Bengasi, Pascotti breaks into the area and puts it in the corner (1-0). Parma equalized immediately afterwards (10 ′ st) thanks to a great shot by Rita Marseglia who slipped into seven (1-1). At the 31 ′ st is still the center forward to receive and enter the area, but then he waits too much to kick and the excellent Polesi returns on the feet of Benghazi that arrives at the bottom, put in the middle for Del Francia who scores second after previous rejection of Gallons. Parma immediately tries to equalize with Punzi, but Giuffra puts in a corner. At 34 ′ st a bad intervention on Pizzola fruit a free kick: Rita Marseglia takes aim and puts her where Pucitta can't get (2-2). At the 38 ′ st Spezia again in the lead with Del Francia (3-2) very able to anticipate Lombardi and pierce Galloni. The Ligurians crush the Crusades making themselves still dangerous, but almost at the end is Marta Baccanti, with a great shot from distance, to hit the door and bring the result on the right balance (3-3).

Markers: 7 ′ st Pascotto, 10 ′ st and 34 ′ st Marseglia, 32 ′ st and 38 ′ st Del Francia, 43 ′ st Baccanti

SPICE - Pucitta; Giuffra, Poles; Lehmann, Zambon, Benghazi; Repetto (15 ′ st Licco) Pascotto, Di Lupo (15 'st Lo Vecchio), Basso (Cap.), Of France. Herds Morbioni
Available: 13. Rollero, 15. Nellini, 16. Serban, 17. Berti

PARMA - Gallons; Chiessi (23 ′ st Punzi), Fragni (Cap.); Pizzera (38 ′ st Ceci), Alfieri, Pollini; Pizzola, Lombardi, Marseglia (40 ′ st Sacchi), Bacchae, Galvani (13 ′ st Santirocco).
Available: 12. Ravanetti; 13. Cataldi, 15. Ngobi

Referee: Mr. Zoppi of Florence

Assistants: Sigg. Pines and Colombari of La Spezia

Ammonite: Di Lupo, Marseglia

Recovery: 0 '+ 4'

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