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Italian Cup Serie C: Chieti shines in Bellante

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The Chieti Calcio Donne wins and convinces in the second match of the Italian Cup in the second round of the Coppa Italia: against Real Bellante the match has always been firmly in the hands of the neroverdi who eventually won the three points with a roaring 5-1 thanks to goals from Giuliana, Panichi, Giulia Di Camillo (double) and Carnival.
Mister Lello Di Camillo's team has proven to be growing and has provided a very good performance that bodes well.

To note the positive seasonal debut of Monique Fischer and the return to the goal of Giulia Di Camillo who in about half an hour of play scored two goals of which one of fine workmanship with a shot from about forty meters. It was however the whole team playing good football and already showing a game that promises well also in view of the start of the Championship.

In the first half the Chieti Calcio Feminine created a lot, but without having too much precision in the making phase and therefore only closed 1-0 thanks to the goal arrived thanks to a header from Giuliana on Di Sebastiano's corner kick at 38 '.

In the second part of the game the neroverdi insist and find greater concreteness under the goal.
The 3 'doubling comes immediately: from an action from the left of Benedetti, the home goalkeeper Maranella replies the ball, but Panichi is well stationed on the second post and reiterates on the net.

At fifteen minutes the Real Bellante momentarily reopens the match favored also by a defensive indecision of Chieti: on a sudden restart, ball in the middle and a misunderstanding between Falcocchia and one of his team mates favors the winning deviation of Cargini.
The Chieti, just suffered the goal, reacts to the great and within five minutes, between the 18 'and the 22', it marks again two goals with Giulia Di Camillo: the first with a close conclusion and then with a great conclusion from about forty meters that slips at the intersection of the poles.
Still many opportunities to score for the neroverdi, up to the net that closes the match at 39 ': Carnival anticipates the exit of Maranella and puts the ball in the corner fixing the score on the 5-1.

The Chieti Calcio Female has now four points in the standings and therefore winning also in the next round against the Free Girls would pass to the second round of the Italian Cup.
Match sheet:

Real Bellante - Chieti Female Football 1-5

Real Bellante: Maranella, Trapasso L. (30 'st Di Carlo), Rocci, Iacone, Di Lodovico, Di Leonardo (1' st Di Pasquale), Cargini, Ciccale, Nalesso, Trapasso M., Lobolo (21 'st Massi) . To disp .: Cuomo, D'Egidio, Guerri.
All .: Parigiani Matteo.
Chieti Soccer Female: Falcocchia (36 'st Seravalli), De Vincentiis, Ferrazza, Di Sebastiano (30' st Lacentra), Benedetti, Di Domizio (36 'st Giuliani), Fischer, Panichi, Giuliana, Carnevale, Colecchi (12' st Di Camillo Giulia).
To disp .: Di Camillo Giada.
All .: Di Camillo Lello
Markers: 38 'pt Giuliana, 3' st Panichi, 15 'st Cargini, 18' st and 22 'st Giulia Di Camillo, 39' st Carnival
Referee: Beltrano of Rimini


Mister Lello Di Camillo: “I liked the team test. There was a constant monologue of our players, we saw the difference in values ​​in the field. We are growing both in terms of game and physical, game after game we are doing grafts trying to prepare ourselves better for the Championship.
Giulia's two goals? We are all aware, both us and her, of the fact that in order to return to full form she will need some time, I think she will be fully available in November. We are dosing its strengths using a softer method of reintegration because we often train apart, we don't load it too much of work making it play about half an hour per game and the same time even in training.
It is slowly starting to take the right condition. With the shot from distance we could expect it to score and I'm happy, but for a little more time we'll continue on this false line, making them play about half an hour each match.
I am satisfied with the work done so far. Monique Fischer also made her debut: her impact was good despite not having scored, she will be able to give us so much from a physical and athletic point of view.
I think I have a good team at our disposal: we will have to demonstrate on the field that we have the strength to be able to fight with the best in the Championship. The new ones are integrating and doing well. The only problem we have at the moment is represented by the two injured players in defense, Giada and Gangemi who surely will not be available for the first Championship and this will put us a little apprehension being two players of the same department. Without obviously taking nothing away from the young girls who are playing and even well figuring out, however, the experience does so much and these two shortcomings make us lose a little something, but I am confident that whoever goes on the field in their place will be able to give their best.
There has been growth on our part with respect to the game with Pescara, but we must still say that Real Bellante has some more problems than the biancazzurre and will have to do even more to try to do well this season.
As for the qualification in the Italian Cup it can be said that it is all in our hands: a victory against the Free Girls would surely make us go to the next round, with a draw the same thing would happen only if the Pescara did not win with five goals of difference in the home commitment against Real Bellante. Both I as a coach and the company have not set ourselves the goal of qualifying, but now we are close and we want to get there. Winning is always a pleasure, but even if we do not have to reach the patience level! We are interested in doing well in the Championship. At the beginning of the season we set ourselves the goal of doing better than last year and I am sure we will succeed: we have from our side a rose that is better than last season, I see the positive future anyway, but always with a lot of humility since in the end it will be the field to give the final sentence.
From the new girls I immediately expected a good signal and there was. Often when we change so much it can happen that the new ones have new stimuli and they want to show off, but it is important to insert them into an already shaped organic. In our team there are five or six experienced players so it can be easier to fit in better for a new girl.
The youngest girls, who made their debut last year, are now more mature: when you fight for a goal, the difference is made by those who do not consider themselves the regular holders, but when they are called in, they are found ready to lend a hand and they will do it the best ".

The Chieti Women's Football Press Officer
Piero Vittoria

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