Thursday, May 21 2015
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Italian Cup Serie C, Poker of Apulia Trani at Catanzaro

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The second day of the Italian Cup played at the Municipal Stadium of Trani ends with a well-deserved victory of the landlords who beat the Catanzaro 4-0. Apulia Trani that deploys a formation that presents many confirmations and new grafts. Starting whistle at the 15.07 and the home team is immediately threatened by the defender host Zangari with a punishment by Ventura.

Then it is the turn of Dibenedetto who at the 5 minute beats from the left a corner kick that arrives at the attacker Capriati who hits the head but the ball goes out. 15 minutes pass and it is always Apulia trying to trouble the opponent's goal with Delvecchio on a free kick, Ventura and Dibenedetto. Twist: at minute 25 'the 14 No. Capriati serves with a delightful assists, just the blue-white striker, who after a series of dribbles, scores his second goal this season.
29 minute Corvasce is fouled. Punishment from the right beaten by Desmangles, captain Delvecchio fails to frame the door with the ball ending out. Another action worth mentioning is that of the minute 39 ': corner in favor of Catanzaro, a ball in the scrum that is then swept by a player from Trani and who arrives once again at Dibenedetto who misses the host defense and bags the ball into the net by blowing up of joy the Town Hall. Double for her. Last salient action of the first half: at the 43 'a corner kick is awarded from the left, to the beat Dibenedetto that with his cross allows the captain to hit the ball that ends in the net.

You go to the locker room on the result of 3-0. The second half begins.
At the minute 12 'touch of hand in the area of ​​a Catanzaro player, the referee assigns the penalty. The shot is presented by Turk who scores a great goal. Result on the 4-0. The opponents during the course of the game become more dangerous to the 20 'when Mariano miraculously intervenes on a ball in rebound destined to arrive on the net. Past 5 minutes, still corner for the blue-white men, who with Ventura hit the crossbar. Last action of the second half at the 40 'with an exchange between Desmangles and Dibenedetto that pulls out. Thus ends this second Cup game. Mister Di Marzo is satisfied with the result obtained and how the girls have faced the game in the 90 minutes totals, but he wants them to get even better and to avoid some mistakes that had already occurred previously. Match fought by our girls who showed themselves to be a compact and united group that they never gave up, despite the great heat and fatigue in their muscles. Go on like this!

APULIA TRANI: Mariano, Saltarelli, De Marinis (22'st Manzi), Capriati (22'st. Scarangella), Tucci (35'st Calabrese), Corvasce (35'st Dellatte) Ventura (41st Pirolo). Available: Cagiano, De Musso, Montrone, Diaferia. Coach: Michele Di Marzo

CATANZARO FEMALE FOOTBALL: Zangari (44'st Marchio), Rania, Criseo, Romeo, Sacco (1'st Markevich), Dardano (1'st Verrino), Ventrici (11'st Sacco.M), Cardone, Cardamone (26 ' st Chiarella), Torano, Moscatello. Available: Rotundo. Coach: Giuseppe Sabadini

Referee: Iurino of the section of Venosa
Networks: 25'-39'pt. Dibenedetto, 43 'Delvecchio, 12 st Turco.
Booked: Ventura (T), Verrino (C), Romeo (C)


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