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Italian Cup series C: Salento Women Soccer-Apulia Trani 2-1

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Good first for Salento Women Soccer. On the synthetic of Collepasso, the Giallorossi win the victory (2-1) in the Italian Cup C series debut against Apulia Trani. A well-deserved success for the girls of Vera Indino who only conceded to the opponents a goal-scoring shot by Di Bendetto and some punishment from Delvecchio's long distance. For the rest, the new 1 Giallorossi number, Bianca Raicu, has had a quiet afternoon.

Of course, the Salento could have done better in the offensive phase where instead they were inaccurate: just mention the opportunity wasted by Colavolpe at the 18 'and the rigor of D'Amico saved by the extreme defender from Trania in the minutes of recovery.

The Giallorossi couple-goal however was the protagonist on the occasion of the doubling action: great play of the captain and assist to the kiss for the Calabrese that of astuteness has bagged behind Mariano. Previously, it was Costadura who set up the goal net directly on a free kick, with goalkeeper Mariano not immune to guilt.

"I can feel satisfied with the victory, a little less than the daughter performance of a still imperfect physical condition - said coach Vera Indino -. We were aware of the difficulties of the match, played with just 13 training in the legs and in conditions however, we could have done better especially in the construction phase of the action, I especially appreciated Orefice, with great dynamism and very careful in closures, but I'm sure already from the next game the other girls will also be able to demonstrate their value, without forgetting that we have built the team on the solid foundations of what really did very well last season ".

Next Sunday it will be the turn of Apulia-Trani Catanzaro, then the 22 September Salento Women Soccer will be engaged away against the Calabrian formation. The winner of the triangular will enter the next stage of the Italian Cup. As for the championship instead the Giallorossi will debut the October 6, in Collepasso, against Ludos Palermo.

Italian Cup series C: Salento Women Soccer-Apulia Trani 2-1

Salento Women Soccer: Raicu, Sozzo, Felline, Orefice, Costadura, April (35 'pt During), Tirabassi, Cucurachi, Cazzato, D'Amico, Colavolpe. On the bench Errico, Ouacif, Carrafa Alessandra, Vitti, Polo, Alemanno, Rollo. Vera Indino trainer.

Apulia Trani: Mariano, Calabrese (10 'st Ventura), Capriati (10' st Scarangella), Corvasce (44 'st De Musso), Cottino, Delvecchio, Di Benedetto, Kasmi (23' st Manzi), Saltarelli, Tucci (44 'st Pirolo), Turkish. Montrone, Cagiano, Andriolo on the bench. Michele Di Marzo manager.

Referee: Andriambelo of Rome.

Markers: 10 'Costadura (S); 41 'Di Benedetto (T); in st 2 'Colavolpe (S).

Notes: spectators around two hundred. Ammonite Felline and Tirabassi (S), Corvasce and Saltarelli (T). Recovery: pt 1 '; st 3 '.

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