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Italian Cup C: winning debut for Riccione on Jesina for 2-1

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Good the first for the Riccione women's soccer that beats 2 at 1 the Jesina in the Italian Cup debut match: protagonists of the Antolini and Abbuziane race, both arrived from Bologna in the summer, authors of a goal each.
The Riccione starts well and the eighth touches the goal with Abbouziane who flies on the wing, enters the area and serves to the center for Antolini who is anticipated by a whisker at the time of shooting; a few minutes later Perone touches the advantage, with a header from inside the area that ends up very little.

At the twenty-second goal that unlocks the game: Abouzziane shoots on the left wing, enters the area and serves Antolini who from close range signs one to zero.

At the half hour the Riccione goes again in goal with Marcatilli, but the referee annuls on signal of the linesman for off-side.

In the second half Jesina plays better and closes the landlords in their own half of the pitch, but the guests never manage to make themselves really dangerous and call on Meletti.

At the twenty-fifth Riccione has the great chance of doubling: Generali lands in the Antolini area, but from the eleven-meter Abbouziane hits the post, leaving the result unchanged.

The missed doubling of the Riccione reinvigorates further the Jesina that continues to push to the search of the equilibrium and it is made dangerous with Tamburini, neutralized by Meletti in exit.

At the thirty-fifth the well-deserved draw of Jesina: cross from the left of Croscioni, ball to Tamburini that hits the crossbar in full and on the riveted Paolini beats Meletti and signs one by one.

The joy of the Marche women however lasts very little: a single turn of the clock and goal from the distance of Abbouziane that mocks General and makes us forgive the previous error from the spot.

In the final minutes Jesina tries them all to rebalance the match but the defense of Riccione closes every gap and at the triple whistle the Romagnolis get the first success of the season.

By virtue of this result, Riccione will observe a rest shift next Sunday and the 22 September will be back on the pitch at dell'Arezzo, which on Sunday 15 will visit Jesina.

The following statements by Mr. Filippo Migani: "Beautiful game and deserved victory conditioned by the wind that has shifted the balance in the two fractions of the game a bit. I am satisfied for the mentality fielded by my girls as well as by the will and determination undertaken in wanting to center the result. ".

Female Riccione - Jesina 2-1

Riccione: (Meletti, M. Amaduzzi (80 'Ciavatta), D'Aprile, Gostoli, Rodriguez, Maccaferri, Marcattili (64' Magnani), Perone (89 'Riceci), Abouziane, Antolini (89' Messi), Amaduzzi A. (80 'Barocci)

Available (Giorgi, Dominici, Giardina, Russarollo)

Jesina (Generali, Picchio (74 'Ventura), Crocioni (63' Modesti), Battistoni (74 'Rossetti), Zambonelli, Gambini, Fontana, Verdini, Tamburini, Coscia (59' Donati), Durante (59 'Paolini)

Available (Cantori, Coacci, Guidobaldi, Pettinari,).

scorers: 22 'Antolini (Ri) 35' Paolini (Je), 81 'Abbouziane (Ri)

Asd female Riccione press release

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