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Italian Cup: The San Marino Academy extends Verona and wins the quarterfinals with Roma

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The first official challenge between the San Marino Academy and a formation belonging to the highest division of Italian women's football took place in the afternoon in Acquaviva, where Conte's girls hosted Hellas Verona coached by Emiliano Bonazzoli.

Balanced the first quarter of an hour, in which the two teams study each other with the Scaligeras to prefer the lateral development of their maneuver, while the San Marino Academy - which confirms five elevenths of the holders who faced Riozzese last Sunday - sports a convincing possession of the ball, aimed at searching for depth in Menin and Rigaglia.

After an unrealistic attempt by Salimbeni, the guests become dangerous to the 11 'with Pirone's initiative that breaks through on the right wing and proposes a cross in the center that becomes good for Lazzari. The defensive player adjusts the ball to the right and turns a conclusion around that touches the crossing of the poles.

This episode opens the reaction of the San Marino Academy, which begins to push on the accelerator generating three consecutive corners that do not bear fruit. The Biancoazzurre show that they have tried original solutions even on the side sheds, making themselves seen with Menin at the 16 '. The captain's shot rebounded reaches the feet of Barbieri who beats it with a bang while banging on the miracle intervention of Gritti, whose effort is too much because the bomber of the house is plucked off-side by Mainella.

The story is different at 19 ', when the San Marino Academy unlocks the match from a further call-in with hands: Larocca draws Barbieri between Bardin and Ambrosi, where the blue-white breaks the doubling with a flick of purs that allows her to beat the net from a short distance and take the San Marino Academy ahead with its ninth goal of the season.

Shortly afterwards, Bonazzoli was forced to make the first change: the change between Sardu and Ledri was forced, with the Gialloblu captain giving up for a physical problem that had occurred previously. The Verona returns to be seen at the half hour, conquering a sort of short corner that Pasini kicks at the near post where Menin's closure is punctual.

More concrete are the opportunities built by the Academy which, on the developments of the fourth corner, is almost doubling with Barbieri - set in motion by Rossi's in-depth play -. The Turin striker anticipates the release of Gritti without hitting the mirror. The same point of Apulian origins tries to 35 'on support of Bianchi, but his diagonal low shot is touched by the extreme Scaliger, although the director denies the landlord a rather obvious corner kick.

The Academy not only defends the acquired advantage with order, but does not disdain looking for offensive plots that can lead to doubling. Thus the combination triggered by Venturini's long launch and which involves the whole trident, with the rigged by Rigaglia and Barbieri's hail for Menin. The San Marino gets a corner that sees her looking for a complicated twist, grabbed without worries by Gritti. It is in fact the last thing to be reported in a first time deservedly closed in advantage by the landlords.

The interval opens with an attempt by Salimbeni from distance, but the right of the midfielder is too high. A moment later Bonazzoli spends the second of the three changes available, throwing Cantore into Bardia's place.

The Gialloblu striker shows a raid on the center-right that leads to a cross deflected by Montalti, with an arm following the Scala. Taricone lets him play and on the restart Menin leaves behind a couple of opponents before talking to Petkova - at the Academy debut - who closes the exchange, allowing the blue-white captain to shoot a diagonal from the edge of the area that - deflected - comes out just to the right of Gritti.

The pressure from Verona is growing in intensity, which in the last quarter of the race can also count on the dynamism of Glionna - among the most awaited today -. Five minutes later Conte also puts his hand on the bench, launching Innocenti instead of Rigaglia. Meanwhile, Verona is close to equalizing with the penetration of Pirone, whose diagonal touches the intersection of the poles to the right of Montanari.

In the final the fatigues of the two games in four days begin to emerge, especially on the side of the San Marino Academy. The Verona goes a step away from the draw at the 77 'on the lateral free kick by Glionna, who draws Cantore's third time in the center of the penalty area: the point crosses his head, but his lashing beats on Montanari's left post, out of action on the occasion .

The Romagna defender is however omnipresent in the San Marino penalty area, helping to lighten the considerable pressure that Verona exerts on the blue-white perimeter in the last minutes. To tell the truth, however, noteworthy interventions do not count, with the San Marino Academy precise and punctual in closing, throwing itself with the right timing on the second balls and finding useful banks in Baldini, Barbieri and Innocenti - good at lengthening the team and keeping the ball away from your area in the last minutes -. There are even five of those granted beyond the 90 'by Taricone, but Verona is not able to strike up opportunities to score, except for an inaccurate Salimbeni left.

Thus, in a cold and clear Wednesday in December, the San Marino Academy captures the most important and prestigious victory in the history of San Marino women's football by beating 1-0 the Hellas Verona of Bonazzoli. Raffaella Barbieri decides, more and more an icon of an extraordinary season start for the San Marino club and that projects the Academy in the Italian Cup quarter-finals to be played in the double challenge with AS Roma, meanwhile passed with the 2 score 0 on the Bari field with Andressa and Hegerber goals.

Montanari: Larocca, Montalti, Venturini, Piergallini; Rossi, Brambilla; Menin (from the 70 'Baldini), Bianchi (from the 54' Petkova), Rigaglia (from the 66 'Innocenti); Barbieri
Available: Ciccioli, Deidda, De Sanctis, Micciarelli, Costantini, Cecchini
Coach: Alain Conte

Gritti; Motta, Perin, Ambrosi, Lazzari (from the 63 'Glionna); Bardin (from the 49 'Cantore); Pasini, Salimbeni, Sardu (from 25 'Ledri), Mella; Pirone
Available: Forcinella, Solow, Meneghini, Cavalca, Zanoletti, Micheli
Coach: Emiliano Bonazzoli

Referee: Simone Taricone of Perugia
Assistants: Pierpaolo Carella from L'Aquila and Mara Mainella from Lanciano
Markers: 19 'Barbieri
Booked: Piergallini, Salimbeni

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