Saturday, April 04 2020
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The Giallorossi fall in San Marino

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The fifteenth day of the Championship is played in Acquaviva and sees the San Marino Academy facing each other, which wants to confirm its privileged position in the ranking and the lionesses in search of precious points to remain attached to the first in the class.
They are the lionesses to start the match at best, with a midfield that dictates good play and that often triggers the attacking trident. However, the Giallorossi are never dangerous. Instead, the titans changed the score on the 27th when a rebound between Di Luzio and Moscia carobed the ball in Menin's feet who, with a right to cross, put the ball in the net from 1 to 0.

Still the white blue, galvanized by the goal continue to push and it is only the poles, on two occasions, that do not aggravate the situation even more. The first with Barbieri, the second with Di Luzio. The opportunity to restore the tie falls on the head of captain Cimatti who, thanks to a nice cross by Razzolini, turns to place the ball that ends up high.

The recovery begins with the people of Ravenna who immediately leave aggressive with an attempt from the distance of Razzolini who is blocked on the ground by Montanari. Another tie ball happens between Burbassi's feet who gets hypnotized by the opposing goalkeeper who escapes the result. But as often happens in football, it is San Marino to extend the distances to 68th with Rigaglia who jumps Capparelli and puts the ball in the air. Di Luzio comes in tow and puts the 2-0 ball into the net.

The Giallorossi then halve the disadvantage on the development of a throw in the area. Montalti tries to free but the ball arrives at Picchi, who first and on the fly tries a lob that enters the net. The enthusiasm and the desire to re-hold the tie are back, but it is the titans who stretch again thanks to Rigaglia who with a nice dribbling gets stronger and starts a shot from the right that goes into the high corner. Copetti blame and result on 3-1. The lionesses, however, still believe it and it is Filippi, who entered the game in progress, who steals the ball from the goalkeeper thanks to a winning pressing and marks the 3-2 final. No other dangerous opportunity in that little game that remains. The match ends in favor of San Marino after 4 minutes of recovery.

San Marino Academy - Ravenna Women 3-2
15th Serie B Championship Day ss 2019/2020

27 'Menin (SM)
69 'Di Luzio (SM)
77 'Spikes (RW)
79 'Rigaglia (SM)
89 'Filippi (RW)

Yellow Cards:
Costantini (San Marino)
Capparelli (Ravenna)
Giovagnoli (Ravenna)

San Marino Academy: Montanari, Micciarelli, Montalti, Venturini, De Sanctis, Costantini (64 'Deidda), Brambilla, Menin (68' Rigaglia), Barbieri (81 'Cechini), Baldini.
Available: Ciccioli, Rossi, Petkova, Larocca, Bianchi, Piergallini
All. Count Alain

Ravenna Women FC: Copetti, Capparelli (74 'Padilla), Giovagnoli, Greppi, Vergani, Barbaresi, Picchi, Moscia (60' Raggi), Burbassi (65 'Montecucco), Cimatti (74' Filippi), Razzolini.
Available: Guidi, Calli, Puebla.
Attached to Piras Roberto

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