Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Porcarelli and Petralia spread Perugia

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Cesena closes the second day of the second round with a 2-0 home win over Perugia, the result decided by Porcarelli and Petralia's flash goal on a penalty kick.
Today's success at Romagna Centro allows the bianconeri to gain ground in the standings and to join the Venetian Vittorio who today did not go beyond the draw with Roma on their field.

Report: ball in the center and Cesena takes the lead after just one minute on the first attempt; Nagni launch to free Battistini on the right wing of this and Monetini sends in the corner. Battistini frees Tuteri free by throwing the ball to the limit, Porcarelli slings on the ball and places the ball on the fly at the crossroads of Bayol's goal, all very nice.
The time is good for the hosts, who insist on the attacks building immediately after a couple of excellent close occasions: at 16 'again Porcarelli, served by a delicious cross by Battistini from the left, pounces with such enthusiasm on the ball and sends him itself above the crossbar; immediately after another cross by Battistini header by Nagni, but the guest defense is ready to be rejected.
The Umbra team tries to respond by appearing forward with Fiorucci, but the Romagna defense manages to stop the opponent's maneuver before being born.
Doubling Cesena per minute 33 '; amazing Casadei, receives from Pastore on the left wing takes the ball drinks two defenders enters the area and is put down without compliments. Mr. Renzi decrees the maximum punishment, on the Petralia disk that inflates the net.

The team of Mister Rossi touches the clear net at 42 'a missile from the bomber Cama hits the intersection of the posts.
The first half ends, played by the black and white girls at high levels and the nets could have been more.

In the second half Cesena continues to hold the game ball in hand and to move forward; 60 'combined action Petralia Cama is not successful, while two minutes later Beleffi has just entered the field to prove the conclusion, Bayol para.
Perugia in the second half became more dangerous, building some action towards Pacini's door, with no final result.
Cesena manages the advantage for the remaining portion of the match, which ends with a final assault by Perugia.
After the defeat of Naples where a regular goal for the black and white has not been validated, Cesena today has three very important points for the continuation of the championship.
See you all on February 16th with the derby against Ravenna.

Scorers: 1 'Porcarelli, 33' Petralia penalty .-

Referee Mr. Gianluca RENZI of the Pesaro Section
Assistants Mr. Justin DERVISHI of the San Benedetto del Tronto section and Mr. Roberto MARONI of the Fermo section.
Notes: 100 Spectators About;
Ammonites 56 'Battistini (C), 78' Brozzetti (P), 79 'Shepherd (C) .-

Pacini, Cuciniello (70 'Gallina), Oliva, Pastore, Casadei, Carlini, Battistini (62' Bizzocchi), Nagni (62 'Beleffi), Petralia, Porcarelli (83' Laface), Cama.-
At disposal Siboni, Calli, Bernardi, Zani, De Carli.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI

Bayol, Serluca, Monetini, Ferretti, Tuteri (53 'Brozzetti), Fiorucci, Angori, Federiconi, Bylykbashi, Di Fiore, Boyle.-
Arrangement Urso, Petrarca, Rosmini, Ceccarelli, Moscatelli, Bortolato, Zelli, Peas.-
Valchiiano RECCHI coach

Cesena 02 February 2020
Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena FC Female

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