Monday, January 27 2020
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Chievo Fortitudo, a fair draw that smacks of mockery

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A draw that smacks of mockery. Chievo Fortitudo Women returns from the away match with a point. A first half where the Gialloblù managed, without worries, to manage the advantage while in the second half the opponents tried to be more dangerous managing to find the 45th goal of the draw.

The bianconeri try to make it clear who is in charge right away. In fact, after two minutes they try the conclusion but ends up outside. At 10 'the yellow and blue show up: free kick from the edge of Boni's left area that Faccioli tries to concretize with his head but the ball ends up high. At 15 'comes the advantage of Clivense. Salaorni postpones a ball that becomes good for Martani who on the left snaps on the offside surprising the defense. The number 9 gialloblù puts in the middle a low ball that Dallagiacoma (sixth goal of the season), all alone, kicks on the net. The goal comes after the Romagna, in the first ten minutes, pushed and kept a high pace.

The opportunities drop but at 37 'Cesena shows up in the yellow-blue area. From a foul on the edge of the left area of ​​Faccioli comes a dangerous free kick which Olivieri rejects, the ball remains in the area but the defense, after a few seconds of panic, sweeps away. In the final minutes of the first half the bianconeri become dangerous on several occasions: at 38 'with a header, at 39' with a shot on goal and at 42 'with Cama who tries to bag a ball coming from a cross from falling left, but the ball goes out to the side.

The second half begins with the handbrake pulled by both sides. The 22 in the field are studied and try to take advantage of some opponent's burr. The first real danger comes at 21 'when Caliari puts a loose ball in the corner which was becoming propitious for Nagni. A minute later, Cama from the edge of the area stops the ball and in precarious balance kicks on goal but Olivieri is ready and rejects. The Cfw in some places is crushed by the black and white pushing, in search of a draw.

At 26 'comes the first chance of the second half of the Gialloblù of Dalla Pozza. Carraro, after a good action of the Dallagiacoma-Peretti-Boni trio, served by the latter kicks high. At 34 ', on an action left on the right by Carabott (who took over from Martani), Dallagiacoma kicks on goal but Pacini rejects and keeps the hopes of Romagna alive. At 35 'delicious opportunity for the landlords. Nagni, from the height of the spot, after a cross from the right is the ball on his feet and tries the shot but ends up high. Ten minutes later, when it seemed by now made for the clivense, Cesena's goal arrives. On the right, Cama is served inside the area, the attacker turns and undisturbed lets go of a shot that crosses Olivieri and explodes with joy companions and fans.

A draw that, as it arose for the Gialloblù tastes of mockery but, in points, is the most correct result.


CESENA: Pacini, Battistini (24'st Laface), Oliva, Pastore, Casadei, Cuciniello (40'st Carlini), Nagni, Beleffi, Porcarelli, Zani, Cama. Available: Petralia, Bernardi, Gallina, Bizzocchi, Siboni. Coach: Rossi.

CHIEVO FORTITUDO WOMEN: Olivieri, Pecchini, Faccioli, Salaorni, Caliari (40'st Mascanzoni), Peretti (31'st Caneo), Carraro, Tardini, Dallagiacoma, Boni, Martani (31'st Carabott). Available: Salvi, Bonfante, Bertolotti, Mele. Coach: From the Puddle.

Referee: Di Loreto (Terni). Assistants: Donati and Preci.

Goals: 15'pt Dallagiacoma; 45'st Cama.

Notes: ammonite 37'pt Faccioli, 42'st Laface, 47'st Oliva.

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