Monday, April 06, 2020
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Naples force 6

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The eighth day was characterized by four external successes, two draws, and no internal victory. Peak unchanged with the successes of Naples, San Marino and Lazio. At Ravenna, the challenge of salvation with Rome.
Let's start with the external tennis success of Marino Feminine by Marino on the Novese (1-6): the two goals from Gelmetti and Chatznikolaou, together with the networks of Cafferata and Tammik sink the Piedmontese who sign the flag with Zella.

Fifth consecutive success and always second placement for the San Marino Academy that passes on the gong on the field of Fortitudo Mozzecane (2-3): to the double advantage of the eleven of Mr. Conte with Di Luzio and Rigaglia, the local of Zuccher answer (second defeat consecutive and 10 points from second place) with Mascanzoni and Dallagiacoma, but at 96 'Raffaella Barbieri thinks once again giving away three precious points.

Seleman's Lazio retains third place, a privateer on the Riozzese field (0-2), in his second consecutive defeat, thanks to the goals in the first portion of the game by Savini (rig.) And Visentin. Fourth place for the Vittorio Veneto, which does not go beyond the same with Cesena (1-1): Porcarelli for Rossi from Romagna in the first half, Mella for Bortoluzzi in the second half.

The other draw (2-2) is the somewhat surprising one between Perugia and Lady Granata Cittadella: advantage of the Umbrian team with Tuteri, then the equal of Peruzzo for Comin's eleven that overturns the match with the newly-purchased Romina Pinna, but at 92 'the mockery arrives for the Cittadella (first seasonal draw), with the network of the landlord (still the latest in 2 points) bearing the signature of Di Fiore.

Finally, in the salvation challenge between Roma Calcio Femminile and Ravenna, in the end, the former coach Piras (second success in a row, with Ligi and captain Cimatti's markings) comes out and returns home with three points that weigh like a boulder, to the detriment of Colantuoni's Giallorossi, penultimate at 6 points.

The championship will resume on January 5th.

Maurizio Stabile

Maurizio Stabile
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