An irrepressible Cesena drops poker to the good Novese

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The terrain of the Romagna Centro Sports Center is in good condition, even the day is sunny with a slight breeze; the race starts with a tambour for the Romagna, in the first 10 minutes it was played on a single door, with the bianconere facing the opponent's goal several times.
Comes down on the Battistini band at the 10 ', the ball to Cama that visibly pulled by Malatesta is landed at the edge of the area. Pastore beats the free kick, throwing into the area, freeing the defense with a bit of trouble.

23 'opportunity for the Ligurians with a shot from outside the area of ​​Tamburini that ends high over the crossbar.
29 'The home team insists; great launch of Nagni in area, pounced Porcarelli on the fly sends the ball to the edge of the pole.
Cesena, mistress of the midfield; minute 31 'Casadei assists x Cama, the striker checks and throws Battistini on the wing, the latter crosses to the center where Petralia for nothing can not touch the ball in front of the door.
Two minutes later, Porcarelli, beautiful and unlucky with his performance, appears alone in front of Milone, but the female soccer player Cesenate shoots up and down.
38 'Cesena ahead; beats a corner kick Porcarelli throwing down where Cama pounces and pierces the goalkeeper sending the ball in the lower left corner of Milone.
Hammer the Juventus team again; at the 41 'cross by Oliva x Cuciniello, ball to Nagni but kicks weakly, for the Ligurian extreme.
Last minute; down to mid-field Casadei, gives Petralia this for Porcarelli, perfect launch for Cama on the edge but is anticipated by defender Barbero and sweeps into the corner.
The first half ends with the result of 1 in 0.

Resumption, occasionissima to the 50 'for the Cesena, Battistini launched by Nagni is found alone in front of the door but clamorously hits plain and central.
Battistini herself is forgiven 4 minutes later; runs down on the band Oliva traverse in the middle x Cama that protects the sphere and places Battistini in front of Milone's door, this time he pierces it bringing the result on 2 to 0.
58 minute a unattainable Porcarelli launched by Pastore finds himself once again face to face with Milone who once again deflects the ball with his foot, on the rebounded Cama kicks out.
The Ligurian girls "stunned" try to organize some action as at the 66 'where they apprehend the Cesenate door with Zella carrying out a close shot good Pacini to block.
The visiting team is still dangerous with Verna at the 71 ', catches the ball in midfield with Levis launching the ball high above the door.
74 'free kick beats Battistini skip Cuciniello's head but frees the defense.
Three minutes later, a large ball played by Casadei went down on the right-hand side to assist Nagni bomb, but the goalkeeper saved.
82 'Porcarelli (the unfortunate little girl) served with a long Shepherd throw, is still challenging the extreme Ligurian Milone, who once again deflects the ball in the corner.
87 'the third network arrives for the Romagnole; corner kick by Zani many jump in the area, the quickest is Cuciniello who kicks and kicks the net.
Guests in total doll with the Cesena master of the field and so at the 90 'an extraordinary Zani gets rid of the defender enters the area and launches a delicious shot that slips into the seven, apotheosis of Juventus on the pitch and in the stands.

Ends a very good race deservedly won by the girls of Mr. Rossi, thus proving to be a good team that bodes well for the continuation of the championship.

Markers: 38 'Cama, 54' Battistini, 87 'Cuciniello, 90' Zani.-

Pacini, Cuciniello, Pastore, Oliva, Nagni, Beleffi, Casadei, Petralia (60 'Gallina), Battistini (75' Bizzocchi), Porcarelli (86 'Zani), Cama.-
Available Siboni, Calli, Laface, Carlini.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI
Milone, Malatesta, Barbero, Tamburini, Accoliti, Basso, Rigolino, Verna, Levis, Zella, Vitiello.-
Arrangement Brullo, Mariano, Perna.-
Coach Giuseppe FOSSATI

Referee Mr. Simone TARICONE of the Perugia Section
Assistants Mr. Simone PIOMBINI from the section of Città di Castello and Mr. Matteo LAURI from the section of Gubbio.
Notes: 70 Spectators About;
Ammonites 75 'Battistini (C), 85' Rigolino (N) .-

Cesena 08 December 2019
Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena Calcio Femminile

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