Ravenna Women in burst on Perugia

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The day had not started in the best possible way given the forfeit of Simona Cimatti's last minute hit by flu problems. He sits on the bench in honor of his signature.
On the contrary, the game starts off big. In the third minute a cross from the left arrives on the head of Razzolini that spizzica for Montecucco that flies in area but is landed. Penalty that the 10 number achieves and gives everyone a little peace of mind.

Immediately the Perugia tries to react with Pirelli who, after a dribble, filters through Bylykbashi who shoots but the ball goes out to the left of Copetti.
14 minute, Vergani crosses from the left, Razzolini misses, the ball reaches the head of Moscia who hits weakly and gives the ball in the hands of the Umbrian goalkeeper.
At the twenty-second minute Giallorosse still in the lead with a good action made by Barbaresi that passes to Montecucco that flies on the wing, starts a low cross and aimed however towards the goal, the goalkeeper does not find himself unprepared deviates the ball that ends between the feet of Moscia that puts in the net and marks the goal of the 2-0.
First half time and hot tea for all.

Start the recovery and immediately the Romagna look out in the opposing half with Razzolini passing to Burbassi in the area, the cold 2001 raises its head and sees the insertion of Moscia who signs his personal double. 3-0, Sbrighi is enthusiastic.
Two minutes later still Moscia, today with a warm foot, starts a shot that turns around the crossbar.
17 minute, the lionesses on the wave of enthusiasm try to do even better. Bouby, taking over from Greppi, crosses over to Razzolini who enters the area and, with all the generosity of this world, prefers to raise his head instead of pulling and from a chocolate in Burbassi that supports the net and puts the game even safer. The meeting continues along the lines of the past minutes. At 30 'a welcome return among the girls of Mister Piras. One still not ready Giorgia Filippi, who is slowly coming back from a bad and long injury, is doing her best and risks repeatedly scoring the goal at the beginning. A first attempt thrown out, to the thirty-sixth instead with a stone from outside the area that shakes the crossbar and the hearts of the Giallorossi fans for a few minutes. Perhaps a bit the result, perhaps the tiredness that is starting to be felt but the people of Romagna concede a ball in the area that arrives in Anguri that fights with Vergani for possession, gets it and tries a round-trip that goes under the intersection far.
The match ends after 4 minutes of recovery on the result of 4-1.

These are the words of Carlotta Moscia, author of a beautiful double win: “I am happy first of all for the team performance both in terms of character and in terms of the game. We found balance and serenity that inevitably lead to positive results and reflect what we really are. We are aware that we still have a long way to go but we hope to continue with the positive wake.
The first double with this shirt can only please me because it allowed me to be useful to the team and to play with the right serenity and decision.
We have a difficult and challenging week ahead of Wednesday's match against Fiorentina, we will face one of the strongest teams in the series and this can only be stimulating. We are aware of the opponent's strength but we will definitely enter the field with the intention of doing well. The thought also goes to next Sunday's match against Roma, fundamental to continue to recover from the difficult moment we come from ".

Ravenna Women FC - Perugia 4-1
7 ^ Country Series Serie B SS 2019 / 2020

Ravenna Women FC: Copetti, Capparelli (24 '2T Five), Giovagnoli, Greppi (16' 2T Bouby), Vergani, Picchi (16 '2T Ligi), Moscia, Barbaresi, Montecucco, Razzolini (29' 2T Filippi), Burbassi ( 24 '2T Rays). In disp: Guidi, Calli, Cimatti
Herds Piras Roberto.

Perugia: Bajol, Serluca, Monetini, Ferretti (29 '2T Bortolato), Rosmini (1' 2T Petasecca), Tuteri (15 '2T Zelli), Brozzetti (1'2T Angori), Ceccarelli, Bylykbashi (24' 2T Fiorucci), Of Flower, Peas. In disp: Marrocoli, Petrarca, Moscatelli.
Herds Paolo Damiani

Admonitions: Tuteri (Perugia
3 '1T Monteucco (Ravenna) (RIG)
21 '1T Moscia (Ravenna)
3 '2T Moscia (Ravenna)
17 '2T Burbassi (Ravenna)
39 '2T Angori (Perugia)

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