Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Serie B: Naples stretches, San Marino chases, Lazio rises again

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Seventh round characterized by no draw with the field factor that affected, as all the landlords won on their respective opponents.
Let's start with the Naples Women who keep the solitary top of the classification, by virtue of the internal success on the Chievo for 5-1 with the Gelmetti hat-trick and the Coda and Chatznikolau goals; for the clans, it is Bertolotti who signs the flag network.

In the direct clash between San Marino and Riozzese, the girls of Conte come out with a set that is worth the second place, the fourth consecutive victory and the first seasonal defeat for the Riozzese of Salterio that succumbs under the blows of Barbieri, Brambilla and Di Luzio .

Return to success for Seleman's Lazio, who scored three against the Permac Vittorio Veneto who did not win by four rounds and was overcome by Seleman's eleven who also joined the Riozzese in third place, with the sign eagles with Pezzotti, Pittaccio, Tomasi's own goal; for Vittorio Veneto it is Domi who makes the passive less bombastic.

After three consecutive defeats, the Citadel of Comin returns to success, winning in comeback on Colantuoni's Roma who had taken the lead with Conte, but for the Venetians Kastrati thinks of shutting down the penultimate Giallorossi with 6 points.

Stops at four, the row of consecutive results for Fossati's Novese, at the hands of Cesena (double jump in the standings) who drops an unexpected poker to the Piedmontese who succumb to the blows of Romagna, with Cama, Cuciniello, Battistini and Zani .

Finally, Ravenna (which crosses Rome and Mozzecane) on velvet against Perugia, with yet another goleada of the day (4-1): two goals from Burbassi, Montecucco, Moscia; for the Umbrian Angori marks the flag network.

Maurizio Stabile

Maurizio Stabile
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