Chievo Fortitudo beats the Citadel with the Bertolotti network

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At the Umberto Campone stadium in Vigasio the long-awaited three points for Zuccher's girls arrive. On a heavy field with copious rainfall today and during the week the Gialloblù managed to pull out the character that was needed to grab these three points that were missing from the first day. Opposite they found a lady team that did everything to try to snatch points from the clans.

The starting eleven gialloblù saw only two changes compared to last Sunday's defeat against Ravenna: the recovered Faccioli has taken over and Bertolotti has ousted Benincaso. After the first ten minutes of study, at 11 'the first real opportunity of the landlords arrives: One-two Martani-Carraro, the number 9 striker enters the area, dribla the goalkeeper but then widens too far to finish in goal puts the ball in the middle but the rearguard grenade blows away. Two minutes later they see the grenade: a corner kick, the ball is ready Rigon on the first post that undisturbed turns of head but Olivieri is found ready and para in hold low. At the 22 ′ and at the 23 ′ two other conclusions on the doorstep of the guests who, however, did not worry the Gialloblù goalkeeper much. At the 25 ′ Peretti shoots a free-kick in the goal that Toniolo with a nice dive in the corner. At the 32 ′ Martani's sumptuous action: on the left he snaps on the offside line, holds the ball in the field, the defender dribla, enters the area but too far away to kick weakly in the goal and the defense clears. At the 33 ′ and at the 35 ′ two occasions for Kastrati: first with a weak shot inside the area that ends on the side, then on a free kick he commits Olivieri. At the 36 ′ Casarotto heads off the corner but the ball goes high.

At the 37 ′ comes the match goal of Giorgia Bertolotti. Another sumptuous action by Martani, who starts again on the offside, puts a ball in the area where Bertolotti, cutting at the near post, manages to anticipate defender and goalkeeper and touches just enough to make the ball slam on the inside crossbar and make it enter the net . A winning tap-in that sends into raptures the chilly fans in the stands of Umberto Capone.

The response of the Citadel is not long in coming: at the 39 ′ in fact Rigon hits the crossbar with a conclusion from the limit and immediately makes clear the intentions of the girls of Fabiana Comin, an old acquaintance of Fortitudo. The first half ends with the grenades trying in vain to go to the locker room in a draw.

In the second half, for long stretches, only one team was seen in the field: the Citadel. The Lady in fact enter convinced and eager to overturn the result and in the first ten minutes the gialloblù are crushed by the opposing pressing and they think only to defend themselves. The clivensi are shown at the 15 ′ when Carraro heads off the corner but the ball goes high. At the 16 ′ the crucial moment of the game arrives. Faccioli fouls Zorzan in the area and the referee whistles for the penalty. On the spot goes Kastrati who crosses the shot but finds a very ready Olivieri who rejects. The companions run to embrace her. A sigh of relief for the gialloblù and a bitter pill to send down to the Citadel.

From this moment on, opportunities are scarce: the grenades suffered the blow while the gialloblù try timidly to close the result. At the 24 ′ still on the left, Martani enters the area, leaves a right to turn around but Toniolo rejects and Carabott disturbed fails to take advantage of it. At the 26 ′ just to the latter a goal is canceled: centrally Peretti opens on the advancing Tardini, unloads on Pecchini that puts in the middle a ball that crosses the whole defense, Carabott pounces on the ball all alone and bags but the referee cancel for offside. Episode that from the stands was more than doubtful.

In the last quarter of an hour so many changes break the rhythm of the game, allowing clivens to administer and take home the three points on a Sunday that is not easy due to the climatic conditions (wind and rain) and a Citadel that has proved to be a respectable team.

Networks: 37'st Bertolotti.

CHIEVO FORTITUDO WOMEN: Olivieri, Caliari, Salaorni (1'st Carabott), Faccioli, Pecchini, Peretti (41'st Faccio), Carraro, Caneo, Mascanzoni, Bertolotti (12'st Tardini), Martani (42'st Pavana). Available: Mele, Boni, Benincaso, Dallagiacoma, Salvi. Coach: Zuccher.

LADY GRANATA CITTADELLA: Toniolo, Peruzzo, Casarotto, Schiavo, Ciampanelli, Meneghetti (30'st Dal Molin), Baldo, Rigon (39'st Saggion), Kastrati (39'st Toldo), Zorzan (44'st Goula), Meggiolaro . Available: Fasoli, Da Canal, Aliquo. Coach: Comin.

Referee: Paul Leonard Mihalache (Terni). Assistants: Castellari and Lusetti.

Notes: ammonite Casarotto (25'st), Carraro (38'pt), Rigon (29'st) and Faccioli (39'st).

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