Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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The good game is not enough, Cesena defeat in comeback in Rome

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History repeats itself, now we no longer know which Saint to turn to, what happened in the house of the Riozzese a few weeks ago, unfortunately it was repeated today in Rome, the Cesena makes the race, passes into the advantage wastes one two three times the opportunity for doubling and first carelessness is punished.

It is played on the Centocelle synthetic field at the "Certosa" sports center.

After 25 minutes of study the good opportunity happens in the feet of Cama; alone in front of the home goalkeeper Guidi, unlikely he kicks out.

Cesena ahead three minutes later; great play of Casadio assists for Nagni who gives Casadio the ball, launch for the fast Porcarelli that enters the area and inflates the net.

35 the Romagna team ahead with Nagni, receives from Petralia assists for Cuciniello who from high position kicks high.

The almost non-existent Rome, hypnotized by the Cesena game, cannot strike up an action worthy of note.

39 'Mr. Vingo does not whistle a sensational foul immediately in the penalty area by Casadio and lets it run, inconceivable.

Two minutes after Rome close to a draw with Felgendreher who from the edge of the field takes the goal post by Pignagnoli.

Draw that arrives at the 45 ', side foul reversed by the backhoe, ball in the area for Carboni who puts on the net.

The first half ends, where the HCL girls played a great race canceling Roma but the result penalizes them, 1-1.

Resumption the Romagna resume where they left off and continue to annoy the Roman gate with big chances before with Pastore receiving the limit enters the area puts out; then it is Beleffi's turn to the 56 'she too kicks from a good position; 67 'Cama once again alone in the small area kicks out; only those who were not there cannot understand the dismay on the field and in the stands.

However, the usual bad luck arrives punctually; 76 'the home team take the lead incredibly, without having wasted much energy, on a counterattack ball that Conte puts the ball into the net.

Unfortunately, the law of football is this, when you waste so much in the end you are punished.

But the festival of error continues; minute 75 'Battistini enters the area sideways and kicks out of an excellent position.

At the 95 'Battistini always "eats" the draw; once again she sends out in the area.

What about continuing to build to play well but little is needed if that blessed ball is not thrown into the net.

All we have to do now is swear with ourselves, then as in football the other teams at the first opportunity not only punish you but bring home the entire post.

Markers: 28 'Porcarelli (C), 45' Carboni (R), 76 'Conte (R) .-
Ammonite: 34 'Head (R), 40' Sclavo (R), 48 'Cama (C), 60' Porcarelli (C).
Philippi (R) expelled at 92 '.-
Referee Mr Giuseppe VINGO of the Section of Pisa, Assistants Mr. Francesco LEONETTI of the Section of Frattamaggiore and Pasquale MINICHIELLO of the Section of Ariano Irpino.-

Guidi, Testa, Cortelli, Kirsch Dowins, Linda, Polverino (75 'Lore), Sclavo (54' Ulkekul), Filippi, Felgendreher (61 'Fortunati), Silvi, Carboni (61' Conte) .-
Arrangement Di Cicco, Carrarini, Pisani, Chahid, Capitta.-
Pignagnoli, Casadio, Pastore, Oliva, Cuciniello (84 'Zani), Nagni, Beleffi (60' Battistini), Casadei, Petralia, Porcarelli, Cama.-
Available Pacini, Calli, Laface, Carlini, Gallina.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI

Rome 24 November 2019
Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena FC Female

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