Sunday, 19 January 2020
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The San Marino Academy beats the leaders Vittorio Veneto and celebrates the first home victory

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They were not words thrown to the wind, those that Alain Conte pronounced at the time of the National break that fragmented the beginning of the season: "from the third day a new championship will start for us" - he said at the time, although he had two excellent draws with Lazio and Naples -.

Indeed, the tactical mechanisms seem much more oiled today, supported also by a more than good physical condition: in short, the San Marino Academy has recovered the ground lost in the summer and today it is an education even more aware of its own means and ready to fight with all the opponents offered by the Serie B.

Acquaviva thus matures the second consecutive victory in the league, the first among the friendly walls where there is still regret for how the only defeat of the season with the Citadel has arrived. Today's response was a great team: a collective that made itself the burning start star and that Conte designed with a central axis of great physicality. From the first minute there is room for Costantini alongside Brambilla, while Di Luzio is promoted to the owner together with Barbieri - flanked on the sides by Baldini and Menin -.

And it is the captain of the San Marino Academy who unlocks the score after less than a minute of play, taking advantage of the descent into the right lane and the surgical assist of Greta Di Luzio to turn the 1-0 point behind Bonassi. Burning start to which the Vittorio Veneto - arrived in San Marino with the ranks of the leaders - knows how to find a remedy immediately, raising its arms to the sky to celebrate the perfect parable of Caccamo, able to climb over Greaves with a left-handed from inside the penalty area.

In the first few minutes the challenge is nothing short of thrilling, with constant changes on the sides and opportunities on all fronts: at the 12 'Foltran touches the upright with a grazing right, while Brambilla finds Bonassi's gloves to defuse his attempt since limit. More distant the point of costantini Costantini, that does not frame the mirror of the door shortly after the quarter of an hour of game. Prelude for the occasion for Raffaelle Barbieri, who floats among the green opponents jerseys to free a right foot from the heart of the area that Bonassi stretches for a corner.

The Vittorio Veneto beats a blow just before the half hour, but Ciccioli has no difficulty in blocking Domi's attempt. Much more dangerous are the landlords who show up with Barbieri on the half hour, whose aim is not right-handed, and especially Baldini. The umpteenth ball stolen from Brambilla is turned into gold by the same Lombard midfielder who sends the mate to the goal: as in Ravenna, however, Baldini lacks coldness, finding the answer save result of Bonassi.

Fortunately, as at Sbrighi, it will be an error that will not weigh on the final result. Already, because the San Marino Academy starts in fourth in the second half, finding after less than two minutes the wonderful goal that is the second advantage: piece of skill of Barbieri, who with a follow-up control cuts out the space to explode a broadside of right terminated at the intersection of the posts.

This time the San Marino Academy does not concede anything to the opposing attempts, passing from the impeccable closures of Micciarelli and Montalti, as well as protected by the Brambilla-Costantini breakwater in front of the defense. All this without renouncing the construction of the game: at the 69 'the white-blue protests for the overthrowing in the area of ​​Barbieri, who after a minute puts everyone in agreement, signing in great style the 3-1 network. Freed from a rebound in front of the goalkeeper, the Piedmontese striker goes around Bonassi's exit with a sombrero and then deposited at the bottom of the sack with his right.

San Marino riot in the stands, with Permac struggling to find time and ways to get back on track. It is the Academy that is preferred and the combination that involves Princes, Baldini and Barbieri at 83 'does not close for a matter of centimeters, even if it brings open applause. Very good news also comes from the bench, where the match between De Sanctis, Piergallini, Principi and Rigaglia begins. It is these last ones that pack the last opportunities of the challenge, with the former Ravenna to draw a perfect corner trajectory for Rigaglia, who can't find the door. Situation that inverted parties opens up to San Marino poker: a splendid Sicilian cross, which arms Principi's flying conclusion to his first joy in the San Marino Academy. At the last minute there is also space for Rigaglia's personal solution, triggered by De Sanctis and close to the fifth goal with a right-footed shot outside the net.

Second consecutive victory in the league for the San Marino Academy, which gives the first displeasure to Permac - overtaken in the standings by the league leaders Napoli and Riozzese -. In fourth place, the Biancoazzurre di Conte, on equal points with Lazio and Novese.

Series B, 5. day | San Marino Academy-Permac Vittorio Veneto 4-1

Greaves; Micciarelli, Montalti, Venturini, Piazza (from 72 'De Sanctis); Brambilla, Costantini (from the 79 'Piergallini); Menin (from 46 'Rigaglia), Di Luzio (from the 67' Principi), Baldini; Barbieri
Available: Montanari, Deidda, Rossi, Bianchi
Coach: Alain Conte

Bonassi: Furlan (from 58 'De Martin), Martinelli, Frizza, Mantoani; Domi (from 46 'Tomasi), Tommasella, Stefanello (from 84' Sovilla), Foltran; Piai, Caccamo (from 72 'Mella)
Available: Zannoni, Cimarosti, Zilli
Coach: Diego Bortoluzzi

Referee: Ilaria Bianchini of Terni
Assistants: Luca Chiavaroli from Pescara and Diletta Roccaforte from Perugia
Markers: 1 'Menin, 5' Caccamo, 47 ', 70' Barbieri, 90 '+ 1' Principles
Booked: Foltran

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