Friday, December 13 2019
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Salento Women Soccer returns to victory: 2 beats 0 leaders Aprilia Racing

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The Salento Women Soccer beats the Aprilia Racing leaders and bad luck in one fell swoop and wins the second seasonal victory to crown a great race. The challenge against the first of the class confirmed the great qualities of the Salento, forced to slow down the race at the start of the season due to serious injuries and suspensions.

Against the Lazio, however, the desire for redemption prevailed over the emergency situation that forced coach Vera Indino to make some tactical changes. For example, Canadian midfielder Emily Tirabassi was lined up at the center of the defense while the young Laura De Benedetto (2004) and Benedetta Margari (2005) played from the starting whistle. Then captain and vice captain, Serena D'Amico and Benny Cucurachi, took the lead in dragging the group to victory with the attacking outsider Sharon Cazzato match-winner and author of the first double in his career.

"This time I can only congratulate my girls - said Vera Indino -. I asked for a reaction after the recent missteps and the girls responded with the best performance of the season. All without distinction went beyond their means and this can only make me enormous pleasure, a clear sign that even without some important pieces we are able to have our say in this league of the C series. Now, however, we must not make the mistake of lying down, since Tuesday we will have to train to the maximum to face at the best the next challenge on the Naples Dream Team field ".

Results (fifth day): Pomigliano-Pescara 5-0; Free Girls-Apulia Trani 1-1; Ludos Palermo-Chieti 4-2; Real Bellante-Catanzaro 1-0; Rome XIV-Drea Team Naples 1-1; Salento Women Soccer-Aprilia Racing 2-0; Sicula Leonzio-Sant'Egidio 0-1. Ranking: Pomigliano, Sant'Egidio points 11; Sicula Leonzio, Aprilia Racing 10; Chieti 9; Pescara 8; Salento Women Soccer, Catanzaro 6; Dream Team 5; Free Girls, Apulia Trani 4; Real Bellante 3; Rome XIV 1. Next round: Aprilia Racing-Pomigliano; Apulia Trani-Ludos Palermo; Chieti-Sicula Leonzio; Catanzaro-Free Girls; Dream Team Napoli-Salento Women Soccer; Pescara-Real Bellante; Sant'Egidio-Rome XIV.

Serie C - Fifth day

Salento Women Soccer-Aprilia Racing 2-0

Salento Women Soccer: Raicu, Sozzo, Felline, Tirabassi, Costadura, Guido, De Benedetto (17 'st Durante), Cucurachi, Cazzato, D'Amico, Margari (39' st Vitti). On the bench Errico, Ouacif, Aprile, Polo, Carrafa A., Coluccia, Ruggio. Vera Indino trainer.

Aprilia Racing Women: Guidobaldi (37 'pt Casteltrione), Cusella (1' st Altobelli), Croce, De Stradis, Campanelli, Lauria (1 'st Biasotto), DeVincenzo (40' st Spagnolo), Di Federico, Olianas (1 'st Pisa), Mallorca, Galluzzi. On the bench: German, Djokouo. Fabio Bianchi coach.

Referee: Iurino di Venosa.

Markers: in the pt 27 'Cazzato (S); in the st 2 'Cazzato (S).

Notes: spectators around three hundred. Expelled: to 35 'st Biasotto (A). Ammonite: Costadura and Raicu (S), Olianas, Campanelli and Maiorca (A). Recovery: pt 3 '; st 4 '.

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