Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Cesena defeated at the head of the Riozzese league leaders

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The fourth round of the national women's soccer championship is played on the Comunale di Riozzo, a hamlet of Cerro al Lambro (Milan). Very loose field due to the rain that fell before and during the whole race. To be respectful to everyone, let's say right away that if Cesena ended up with at least three goals at the end of the first portion of the game, it would not steal anything.

The Romagna team starts at full speed; second minute launch Nagni for Porcarelli, exceeds the defender in speed and on the exit of the goalkeeper he shoots without fail by hitting the pole on the left of Ballabio which he then sends in the corner. Casadio beats Veil of Petralia lashed by Pastore rete.

11 'always the Romagna team, Nagni landed on the edge of the area, beats with a great beating Petralia, Nagni intervenes on the goalkeeper but Galbiati puts in a corner.

Doubling opportunity on Porcarelli's feet; 14 'receives two defenders from Petralia, enters the area and instead of kicking the ball in the center area for Petralia who arrives with a moment of delay, free Belloni (unbelievable).

Casadei (sumptuous performance) recovers the ball, serves Casadio assists for Petralia who tries to surprise the Lombardo goalkeeper from outside but the ball ends just wide.

Two minutes after the first real Riozzese action towards the Pignagnoli gate; shot from outside the Lecce area that ends up over the crossbar.

27 'minute another big chance for the bianconere; this time it happens on the feet of Casadio that well served Zani instead of kicking in the goal, he loses the moment and frees the defense.

One minute is Petralia who from good position kicks to the side.

The home team at the 30 is again shown with a shot from outside of Rognoni that Pignagnoli blocks.

Cesena continues to attack the Lombard area, the home defense seems to be in crisis every time that the girls of Mr. Rossi show up in those parts.

The first half ends only with a skimpy 0-1 in favor of Romagna.

Riozzese picks up more perky and at 60 'the draw comes; corner kick jumps head Rognoni touches the ball that ends at the right of Pignagnoli who can not help but watch the ball on the net.

Ball in the center and another big chance wasted for the bianconere; great missile from outside Casadio, centers in full the crossbar on the rebound Cama at empty net puts out (the misfortune continues).

66 minute gross error of the race director who leaves Casadei to run for a foul on the edge of the Cesenate area, clears the defense by sending the ball into the corner. On the throw-in head Rognoni and Oliva jump with the ball that ends up on the open arm of the defender Cesenate; penalty kick for the home team. Batte Codeca understands Pignagnoli but the ball ends in the net.

71 'patatrac Cesena who suffers the third goal, with a great shot from outside the area by Rognoni.

Do not give up the Romagna, head down and start pushing back towards the opponent's goal, the fruits reach the 82 'a left-hand Calli bolide slips on the edge of the Ballabio gate and puts Cesena back into play.

The last few minutes is an attack on Fort Apache but the result does not change.

Markers: 03 'Shepherd (C), 60' and 71 'Rognoni (R), 66' Codeca rigor (R), 82 'Calli (C) .-

Ballabio, Galbiati, Postiglione, Codeca, Belloni, Dugo, Lecce (67 'Dossi), Callovini, Straniero, Redolfi, Rognoni (88' Varone) .-
Arzeno, Grumelli, Tugnoli, Oleotti, Liuzzi, Edoci, Spinelli layout.-
Coach Roberto SALTERIO
Pignagnoli, Casadio (73 'Calli), Pastore, Oliva, Cuciniello (73' Battistini), Nagni, Zani (57 'Cama), Beleffi (89' Simei), Casadei, Petralia, Porcarelli.-
Available Pacini, Laface, Balzani, Gallina.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI

Riozzo fraction of Cerro al Lambro (Milan) 03 Novembre 2019
Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena FC Female

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