Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Chievo Fortitudo Women, a bitter trip: Lazio wins 1-0

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Bitter away for coach Zuccher's gialloblù who after a convincing success last Sunday, ran into a defeat in Rome against Lazio's biancocelesti.
Starting with the right look, however, it is the gialloblù who create the first occasions with the Benincaso-Boni couple who in a couple of circumstances find themselves wondering but cannot make it happen. The Lazio players show up at 14esimo with a Visentin shot that goes out to the side.

After five minutes a favorable punishment for the Biancocelesti: Pecchini commits a hand ball and gives this possible opportunity. The ball is thrown in the middle, but it does not worry the CFW rearguard.

At the 20esimo the gialloblù are seen again ahead: Boni starts at high speed, from the trocar he puts a ball in the way but Peretti fails to exploit. A minute after the penalty for the Gialloblù, he throws Boni but the ball breaks on the barrier. At 22esimo occasionissima for Benincaso. The goalkeeper counters, Benincaso receives the ball on the edge of the area but with an empty net he makes a mistake, also because of the soil soaked with water due to adverse weather conditions.

The first half ends with some defensive uncertainty of the gialloblù that trouble the extreme goalkeeper Salvi who manages to keep the clean sheet.

In the second half, Lazio is better and tries to make it clear right away that in this second part the music will change. At 20esimo comes the first yellow for Caneo. A bad foul that does not make Cevenini hesitate who warns her.

The music after 8 minutes really changes: from a throw-in it comes out a shot that Salvi manages to parry but not to hold back. The ball happens on the feet of Pittaccio who bags. The CFW tries to react but at the 39esimo comes the double yellow to Caneo that breaks the ambitions of the gialloblù to try to find the equalizer goal. The last danger comes at 48esimo when Salvi takes a goal that seemed already done.

For the gialloblù to signal the excellent performance of Giulia Caliari who on several occasions has shown its excellent state of form.


CHIEVO FORTITUDO WOMEN: Salvi, Faccioli, Pecchini, Carraro, Pavana, Caliari, Dallagiacoma (27'st Mascanzoni), Tardini (27'st Martani), Peretti (40'st Bertolotti), Boni, Benincaso (13'st Caneo). Available: Olivieri, Salaorni, Faccio, Bottigliero. Coach: Zuccher.

LAZIO WOMEN: Vincenzi, Gambarotta, Santoro, Colini, Savini, Duò (15'st Vaccari), Castiello, Di Giammarino (15'st Clemente), Pittaccio, Palombi (1'st Pezzotti), Visentin (36'st Berarducci). Available: Natalucci, Lombardozzi, Cianzi, Di Fazio, Pedullà. Coach: Seleman.

Referee: Fabio Cevenini (Siena). Assistants: Gabrio Pulcinelli and Lorenzo Dario Puccini.

Networks: 28'st Pittaccio.

Photo credit: Marco Rosi

Fotonotizia sas Lazio Women

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