Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Ravenna Women, first in the house to forget

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An excellent ball game and many missed opportunities, the first home match ends 1-3 for the opponents.
This was supposed to be the game that was supposed to overturn the moods. The first in the new home in Castiglione di Ravenna did not bring the desired results. It is played against the Riozzese, a Lombard team that arrives in Romagna after a draw against Roma on the first day.

The Giallorossi start immediately with an offensive mentality and are ready to hit the pink-black defensive columns in every way. Already on the second minute Cimatti flies on the wing and starts a low cross that cuts across the defense, but first Vergani slipped and then Montecucco, lacking the touch that would have put the result on the 1-0. The first fifteen minutes of the match bring opportunities on both sides when, with a risky back pass from the defender Bouby, Sargenti comes out of the poles to clear the ball but is anticipated by the very fast Codecà (Riozzese) that is landed and gets the penalty. which will bring the guests into advantage.
17 minute, Dossi (Riozzese) starts a dangerous cross that Greppi puts in a corner.

From the flag starts a slash stretched out in the center of the Giallorossi area, Giovagnoli ready to sweep but is anticipated by Postiglione (Riozzese) who heads the 2-0's goal.
Excellent reaction of the Giallorossi who take the difficult situation head-on and push each other in the opposing half building actions on shares but unfortunately without being able to shorten the result. End of the first half on the 0-2. At least 4 / 5 occasions of Ravenna not materialized.

The second half starts as the end of the first.
Lionesses start strong right away, build well, reach the area limit of the Riozzese with ease, but like in the first half, you can't find the right spot to put the ball in the net.
Great opportunity for Ravenna at the 65esimo. Capparelli crosses from the right, Razzolini heads high towards the goal but Ballabio (Riozzese) rejects everything on the side, Montecucco arrives and only needs to put the ball in the net but does it too weakly, Ballabio defends and secures the result .

At 68esimo the collapse. The Riozzese to leave his own half decides to rely on long shots on Codecà which has shown impressive speed. One of these ends up in the feet of our goalkeeper Sargenti, advanced in our three-quarters field, who tries a quick postponement that unfortunately hits Codecà who, by jumping, deflects the ball and flies towards the door to mark the pink-black 3-0, useless the desperate recovery of Vergani who almost saved the ball on the line.

The lionesses try them all and return continuously in the opposing half of the field but without result until with a shot from outside Vergani the ball hits the arm of the Riozzese defender who was in the area. The referee whistles the penalty that Cimatti puts on the net.
Other Giallorossi attempts do not change the result.

The second championship ends on 1 at 3.
These are the words of Mr. Piras: "A hard defeat to digest, they are good at exploiting all our naivety. Even today not very shiny under the goal, at least 5 / 6 clear chances. Despite the defeat I saw the team play or try to play football starting from the bottom, it seems sometimes you need to be more casual and when you need to clear up it must be done in no uncertain terms. We must remain united and continue to work convinced of our means. "

Ravenna Women FC - ASD Riozzese 1-3
Networks: 14 ', 68' Codecà (Riozzese)

Series B 2 ^ Day ss 2019 / 2020

Ravenna Women FC: Sargenti, Capparelli, Greppi, Giovagnoli (56 'Burbassi), Greppi, Bouby, Vergani, Picchi (70' Ligi), Moscia, Cimatti, Montecucco, Razzolini. To disp: Copetti, Calli, Cinque, Raggi, Frasson, Muratori All. Roberto Piras

ASD Riozzese: Ballabio, Galbiati, Postiglioe, Codecà (Lecce 89 '), Belloni, Oleotti (Edoci 46'), Dugo, Callovini, Straniero, Dossi (Spinelli 83 '), Redolfi (Varone 70'). To disp: Arzeno, Pedretti, Grumelli, Tugnoli, Liuzzi,

18 'Postiglione (Riozzese)
77 'Cimatti (Ravenna)

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