Monday, January 27 2020
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Bad luck, referee and a gollonzo condemn the Cesena to defeat

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The misfortune with the contribution of the race director mean that in the first day of the championship the Cesena comes out defeated, but only in the result, not from the game and from the commitment seen in the field.
The soil of Romagna Centro is in excellent condition with a good glance of the grandstand with over 200 spectators.
At the 12 'Pastore on a free kick to the limit Porcarelli that from a good position kicks weakly on the Napoli goalkeeper, who blocks.

A minute later, another free kick for Cesena, he beats Nagni cross to the center but he finds no Juventus shirt, he frees the Neapolitan defense.
19 minute 'first real action towards the Romagna goal of Napoli, Groff launch to overcome the defense, Despoina ball that kicks out.
25 'again the landlord forward with Cuciniello, takes two defenseless ball and leans against Casadio who pulls over the crossbar.
At the 33 'Napoli incredibly goes ahead; Kubassova launch on the ball pounces Pastore who is ahead of Gelmetti, takes the ball and comes from behind put down by the Neapolitan striker with Mr. Renzi who is a stone's throw away and whistles the free kick, to the general amazement striker with the bianconero defender on the ground kicks in the goal, Pignagnoli very good at rejecting the ball that ends between Tammik's feet and into an empty net he puts on the net.

The landlords do not fit and after a minute they put everything in order; launch in the penalty area of ​​Nagni ball to Porcarelli that, takes the ball and without many compliments undergoes a foul from last man, unexceptionable rigor and there was also the expulsion of the defender. On the ball Petralia, displaces Russo and inflates the net.
Central phase of the race where the Cesena has the ball of the game trying with some action to make itself dangerous, but the rearguard bell is alert.
At the 41 'bianconere near doubling; Oliva receives from Casadio, launches Battistini, this drops on the crossbar in the middle for Porcarelli, assists to clear Petralia in the penalty area, the point turns but does not frame the door and kicks out, all very nice.
45 + 2 'free kick beaten by Nagni to the limit rejects the barrier and ends the first half.

Resumption, the teams are studied in midfield and at the 55 'comes the lucky network of the Neapolitan advantage; action in the Romagna area on the ball a defender Cesenate who tries to move the ball out of the area but, the ball hits Gelmetti blue striker and ends in the seven to the right of Pignagnoli that nothing can.
Cesena with bowed head pushes forward, suffers some foul too both in midfield and on the edge of the area and on the umpteenth minute foul 58 'the Neapolitan captain Schioppo is expelled.
The man in charge charges the Cesenate team with Rossi who also sends the 14enne Veronica BERNARDI into the field who makes his debut in Serie B.
The Neapolitan team does not suffer the man in the least, holds the defense well but fails to create any headache for the home team.
As often happens in football, the team that plays well is not always right in the final result.

Last minutes at the heart for Mister Rossi's girls and after a few minutes of recovery the game ends with Cesena coming out defeated by the Romagna Rectangle, with some arbitration decision not shared and a lucky gollonzo.

Markers: 33 'Tammik (N), 34' Petralia (C) (rig), 75 'Gelmetti (N) .-

Pignagnoli, Cuciniello, Oliva, Pastore, Casadei, Casadio (65 'Bernardi), Battistini (57' Bizzocchi), Porcarelli, Beleffi (83 'Laface), Nagni, Petralia.-
Available Pacini, Calli, Guidi, Balzani, Zani, Gallina.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI

Russo, Schioppo, Oliviero, Kubassova, Groff, Cavicchia, Cafferata, Tammik (60 'Di Marino), Despoina, Nencioni, Gelmetti.-
Available Parnoffi, Asta, De Biase, Massa, Sibilio, Georgiou.-
Geppino MARINO coach

Referee Mr. Gianluca RENZI of the Pesaro Section
Assistants Messrs. Riccardo PERSICHINI and Zef PRECI of the Macerata section.
Notes: 200 Spectators About;
Bookings to the 45'Schippo (N), 58 'expelled Smack for double admonition (N), Pastor 78' (C).

Cesena 15 September 2019
Franco Scolozzi Cesena FC Women's Football Press Officer

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