Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Chievo Fortitudo Women, convincing debut: 3-0 at Perugia

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Good first for Zuccher's girls. At the "AGSM Olivieri" stadium a stone's throw from the Bentegodi, the Gialloblù line-up took to the field right from the start with the clear intention of making the game. And so it was throughout the 90 ′ period.
In the first half, the most dangerous maneuvers came from the side lanes. In the first quarter of an hour in the left lane with the pair Pecchini-Peretti the Gialloblù started to make the red and white feel their strength, pushing and creating goal action.

In the last half hour instead the push came more from the right lane, with Mascanzoni that in a couple of occasions put in the middle of the inviting balls but Peretti failed to capitalize on the net. At the 33 ′ comes the goal that puts to good use this offensive traction of the gialloblù: Peretti is served on the left, advances a few steps from the area, puts in the middle a cross with the tachometer that Dallagiacoma, cutting on the first pole, exploits perfectly , bagging the ball behind Bayol behind with heel. The red and white are not able to create great difficulties to the Gialloblù rearguard if not with some timid conclusion of Ceccarelli. Thus the first half ends.

In the second half the music does not change: the ball of the game is always in the "hands" of the gialloblù that at 8 ′ find the goal of doubling with the spearhead of the rose, Valentina Boni. Once again Pecchini-Peretti exchange, the latter brushes a low cross from the edge of the area, Boni di punta anticipates the goalkeeper and inflates the net: 2-0. The CFW despite the changes, proceeds on its way, continuing to attack. At the 24 ′ comes the goal of the definitive 3-0 with a goal that can be defined the icing on the cake of this Sunday more than positive of the gialloblù. Boni, receives the ball from the edge of the area, the tow and releases a missile on which Bayol can do nothing. Big party and the first three points put in the bag.

On the shields, in addition to the veteran goleador Boni, the external offensive Peretti, author of a performance according to the president Giuseppe Boni present in the gallery "by 10".


CHIEVO FORTITUDO WOMEN: Salvi, Mascanzoni (25 ′ st Mele), Pecchini, Carraro, Pavana (25 ′ st Salaorni), Caliari, Dallagiacoma (8 ′ st Faccioli), Caneo (1 ′ st Tardini), Peretti, Boni, Benincaso ( 8 ′ st Bertolotti).

Available: Olivieri, Faccio, Martani, Bottigliero.

Coach: Zuccher.

PERUGIA SOCCER: Bayol, Monetini, Ceccarelli, Serluca, Ferretti, Tuteri, Bronzetti, Angori (11 ′ st Petasecca), Bylykbashi (26 ′ st Di Fiore), Zelli, Peas (26 ′ st Bortolato).

Available: Fiorucci, Moscatelli, Marroccoli.

Coach: Damiani.

Referee: Marra.

Assistants: Morotti and Arizzi (Bergamo).

Networks: 33 ′ pt Dallagiacoma, 8 ′ and 24 ′ st Boni.

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