Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
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A point to debut in Serie B for the San Marino Academy

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The debut in Serie B of the San Marino Academy, which in the heat of Acquaviva hosts a Lazio immediately toasty and square, certainly cannot be said to be very lucky. The Titans exhibit discrete and functional geometries to the layout of the maneuver that often passes from the pivotal role of Barbieri, who is in charge of sorting the ball on the battery of midfielders behind him.

After an emotionless start, the hosts are to be seen with the combination of Rigaglia and Barbieri, which allows the latter to go deep into Menin: the Academy captain defends the ball, but sends it high to the crossbar . Immediate the Lazio replica, which opens to the guest advantage and is the result of a full-blown carom. The San Marino rearguard is unable to remove a ball from Pittaccio and De Sanctis - in an attempt to send the threat out of the penalty area - sends on the Visentin malleolus, which is hit and hits the 0-1 network.

Lazio to the 23 'double the doubling with the turn of Pittaccio, good to exploit the perimeter action started by a lineout to explode a large right diagonal that incocciaci in full on the traversale. Ten minutes later it was up to the San Marino Academy to return to being dangerous on the Menin-Barbieri axis: the highest in rank supported the cross by Rigaglia first, allowing the Turin tip to kick into the air where Vicenzi was decisive.

The landlords raise the revs of the engine, dragged by Menin who steals the ball and breaks on the short side of the penalty area at the 34: punctually the tow ball for Baldini, walled by Colini. Barbieri slides on the wandering, with the right of the first that ends high. The goal is in the area and arrives punctually, as far as deserved, at the 36: there is the obvious complicity of Savini who operates a back pass not realizing the presence of Barbieri, glacial in front of Vicenzi pierced with a precise left-footed that is worth the draw and the first historic goal in the National Serie B of the San Marino Academy.

The Titans in red complete also touch the net of the comeback on the developments of a corner kick kicked on the first post by Rigaglia and that Menin - ahead of his direct rival - fails to turn towards the door mirror. This is the last thrill of the first part of the race, which therefore ends on the 1-1 score.

From the locker room is Lazio to come out better, breaking in a couple of occasions on the right lane as at the 52 'when the initiative of Castiello rewards the movement on the first pole of Pittaccio, closed by the flash of Montanari. As in the first half, however, the guests put so much of their own to complicate their lives: so a minute after risking a return to the lead, Lazio ended up conceding the goal of the 2-1. This time it is Vicenzi who commits a serious technical error, trying to dribble the Barbieri pressing that instead steals the ball and deposits it at the bottom of the bag with left-handed.

The girls of Conte take the game firmly in hand, limiting the risks for their rearguard and managing with discreet quality and dribble ownership every single possession. The entrance of Azzurra Principi - making its debut with the Academy's jersey - has raised the technical figure of the team, which touches on the 3-1 again with Barbieri at 73 ': De Sanctis' long throw finds the third line unprepared Lazio, with the central point of the house that pulls the ball on the right to beat with power. Well positioned Vicenzi, who denies the Turin-style hat-trick.

Lazio instead returns to be seen with the usual Visentin, clearly the most dangerous and active of the guests, who also draw from the bench with the entrances of Pezzotti, Clemente and Palombi. The left-handed wing breaks through the lane of competence, unless it is walled up by Venturini. In the end, the Capitoline formation that touches the 2-2 grows with the left wing of Palombi, to then actually pierce the San Marino network still with Visentin at 83 '. The central ball and chain penetration ends with an unexpected one-two with an opponent that allows her to beat Montanari by two steps for the new draw in Acquaviva.

Series B, 1. day | San Marino Academy - Lazio Women 2-2

Montanari; Micciarelli (from the 80 Piazza), Montalti, Venturini, De Sanctis; Brambilla, Deidda; Menin (from the 59 'Principi), Rigaglia, Baldini; Barbieri (from 80 'Di Luzio)
Available: Ciccioli, A. Zaghini, Rossi, Innocenti, Di Luzio, Piazza, Bianchi, Costantini
Coach: Alain Conte

Vicenzi; Gambarotta, Savini, Colini, Santoro; Castiello, Giammarino (from the 62 'Pezzotti), Duo (from the 66' Clemente); Visentin (from 90 '+ 2' Lombardozzi), Coletta (from 66 'Palombi), Pittaccio
Available: Felicella, Vaccari, Di Fazio, Pedulla
Coach: Asciraf Seleman

Referee: Davide Giacometti from Gubbio
Assistants: Simone Piomboni from Città di Castello and Maurizio Polidori from Perugia
Markers: 13 ', 83' Visentin, 36 ', 54' Barbieri
Booked: De Sanctis, Di Giammarino, Coletta, Principi

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