Friday, January 24 2020
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Cesena FC female, five reinforcements coming

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Green sap for the new season of the Cesena FC Women, Elvio Sanna Sports Director and Head of the Technical area scores five market shots closing with strategy two very important operations bringing to the court of the Cesenate company and at the disposal of Mr. Roberto Rossi, young of excellent outright outlook.

These are the two 19-year-old Vittoria Gallina defender and Rebecca Laface midfielder, from Jesina and the three 18-year-old Martina Simei striker, Giorgia Gurioli and Alice Vimercati as defenders, from Olimpia Forlì.

The girls, always looking for other companies, chose the Juventus black and white project.

The newcomers are all returning from the "C" series championship, where they have come to the fore by carving out a first-team title.

The new purchases will thus have the chance to play an important space in the "B" series this year, which will be very competitive and can also be used in the new National Spring championship, a completely reformed tournament where the level has increased enormously for the major investments that more companies noble like Juventus, Roma, Inter, Milan, Fiorentina, Verona, Bari and Napoli just to name a few, they are doing well.

Meanwhile, the company is preparing to raise the curtain on the 2019-2020 season, with preparations starting on August 1st.

Cesena 22 July 2019
Franco Scolozzi Cesena FC Women's Press Officer

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