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Fortitudo Mozzecane entrusts Diego Zuccher with the leadership of the first team

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Fortitudo Mozzecane entrusted the reins of the First Team to coach Diego Zuccher. After a path as an athletic trainer in the Bardolino Verona and five years as manager of the Soccer School of Hellas Verona, Zuccher has definitely embarked on the path of women's football by responding to the call of ChievoValpo, where he spent four years, first as a coach and then as a coach after obtaining the coaching license. The enthusiasm and the desire to do well are not lacking as it tells exclusively:

Are you glad you signed up for Fortitudo and what prompted you to accept the assignment?

I am very happy with the choice. I was convinced by the project and above all by the organization, the seriousness and the passion that I saw in the environment, primarily by President Boni and Bragantini. It seemed like a healthy society that has clear ideas about what it wants to do.

What do you think of new corporate developments?

When I agreed with the company we were not yet aware of this situation. It is something more that has given further enthusiasm and a greater push to do well. It is an important opportunity to exploit. Having the support of a company like Chievo always gives something more in terms of image, experience and professionalism.

Do you already know any player of the rose? Have you already talked to any of them?

I knew the girls only from opponents and not personally. Now, with the various meetings I am doing together with Valeriano, I am getting to know them and I am realizing that many players that Mr. Bragantini had at his disposal last year were not only good players but also wonderful people and this is certainly an aspect important.

What goals did you set for the 2019 / 20 season?

We are forming the rose, trying to maintain the skeleton of last year by integrating the rose with some grafts that can go to fill the gaps in some roles. Our intent is to make a high-ranking championship trying to improve last year's position.

Who will you have in your staff?

The goalkeeping coach will be Valerio Filippi while my deputy will be Mattia Pasotto, a great professional and expert in the youth sectors and analysis of game situations. A young boy, serious and reliable and of great competence despite his young age. He will be by my side for the third year and I must say that together we feel good and we share many ideas about the game.

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