Friday, April 3, 2015
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Finally we have reached the end of what has been in many ways perhaps the most fun and hard-fought championship of the last twenty years. At 90 'from the end in two points Juventus, Fiorentina and Milan will fight for the championship and access to the Champions League. So much suspense even at the bottom of the standings where many games are yet to be decided: the Orobica has already hailed the top flight in recent weeks, but Bari still has a chance to grab salvation, to the detriment of Chievo Verona Valpo which is in Milan forced to score against the red and black devils. The referee for this contest will be Atalanta Mozzanica who will try to keep fifth place in Bari, won with an exciting run-up. Even the central part of the board has not spared surprises and twists: Daniela Stracchi and her companions, muted matches (only 4 points in the first 6 days) have gradually found the compactness and strength to return to play a role prominent in our league. It was with Chievo that the team turned, starting a climb, culminating with the conquest of the fifth place and the resounding victory of Rome, against the wolves of Betty Bavagnoli. Sassuolo and Florentia, were the main opponents of this fight in the middle. The one to one of last Saturday between the two teams has allowed the Emilian women to reach and pair the Nerazzurri in fifth position, while the women from Tuscany are now out of 3 lengths.



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