Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Victory also in the trip to Almé. Montorfano has awakened!

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networks: Sbardellati (M) at 10 'and 35', Lusoli (M) at 17 'and Maffezzoni (M) at 45' pt; Anesa (A) at 10 'st


Montorfano: FAVA, RECENT, GANDOSSI, PIETTA, PAGANOTTI (from 14 'st DRERA), SERLINI, LUSOLI (from 40' st SCALVINI), POLONINI, NEGRETTI (from 28 'st MOMETTI E.), MAFFEZZONI (from 32' st VALTULINI), Sbardellati. All. Giovanni Corioni. Available: Verzelletti.

Referee: Mr. Ferrari Lorenzo of Bergamo.

Note: Sunny day, field in good condition. About 50 spectators were present. Recovery: 1 '+ 2'. At 1 'st due to injury goalkeeper Noris dell'Almé was replaced by player n. 7 Bugada.

The sleeping beauty Montorfano has awakened from her torpor during a whole first round and now appears unstoppable. 6 points in the last two games, a booty already in itself far wider than the only point collected so far by the Franciacortine, obtained in the white net draw with Lumezzane. The biancocelesti girls play a very good race, demonstrating that the success on Atletico Dor was not a coincidence, but the first trumpet blast of a path of sacrifice and work that is finally bearing fruit. Even today in the Bergamo area Montorfano shows determination and ideas, but in addition that concreteness, lacked on many other occasions.

Mister Corioni recovers Polonini, but must do without Verzelletti, the great protagonist of the victory of seven days ago with a hat-trick. The Erbuschese technician must therefore review his plans once again and reposition Sbardellati in the front line, moving Paganotti to the center of the defense and returning the keys of the left wing to Captain Gandossi. The Brescians appear immediately eager to get to the parts of Noris and after only 10 first go ahead: Sbardellati receives the ball and enters the area from the left, his left-handed is precise, he strikes the n. 1 room and ends its race on the net. A handful of minutes pass and the Franciacorta doubles: great action on the right of Recenti who from the bottom puts in the area a low cross on which Lusoli rushes, good at directing first intention in the opponent's network from close range. The one-two of the guests is a bad blow for the landlords who struggle to unravel the skein. In the half hour the biancocelesti are still dangerous, but Sbardellati is closed by Noris at the exit of the suicide bomber. The third goal, however, is only postponed: it is the 35th minute when, on a rebound in the area, the ball reaches the usual Sbardellati who, on the left flight, draws the low corner to the right of n. 1 room, creating the personal brace. A minute later the Bergamo players have a delicious opportunity to reopen the challenge, but Bugada literally devours the net, kicking at the side with the door unguarded. The mistake is paid dearly, as a few moments after Mr. Ferrari's double whistle, Polonini serves Maffezzoni vertically, who slips between the opposing shirts, shows up in front of Noris and passes it for the fourth time with a delightful low shot. Really a bad day for the local goalkeeper who shortly after is injured in a clash with Negretti and is forced to leave the pitch.

On returning from the changing rooms Sbardellati has a good opportunity, but his lob ends beyond the mirror of little or nothing. Fava, almost idle in the first fraction, stamps the card on the 5 'with a timely low exit to eradicate the ball from Gritti's feet, thrown at the net. At 10 ', however, nothing can the pocket-sized goalkeeper of the guests on the comfortable spoon of Anesa who then manages to shorten the distances. The network restores a bit of verve to the clubs which, however, in addition to an attempt by Gritti, are unable to worry the opponent's careful defense. The Franciacortine make a square and control without risking the rest of the match, going close to the fifth goal in the 16 'with Lusoli and in the end with the turn on the fly of Drera, who entered the field in the 60' instead of Paganotti, just outside the mirror. A victory without discussions therefore, a test of compactness and maturity by the girls of Mr. Corioni. If this is the real Montorfano, for the Biancocelesti a return full of satisfactions is heralded.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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