Thursday, April 23, 2015
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In the derby with Atletico Dor, Montorfano finds the first seasonal joy.

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Networks: Verzelletti at 10 'and 21' pt; Verzelletti at 39 'st

montorfano: FAVA, RECENT, GANDOSSI, PAGANOTTI, PIETTA (from 27 'st DRERA), NEGRETTI, SERLINI, MAFFEZZONI, LUSOLI (from 40' st E. MOMETTI), VERZELLETTI, SARDINATED. Att. G. Corioni. Available: A. Mometti and Valtulini.

Athletic Dor: BIONDO (from 41 'pt PALUMBO), BIASIN, PEZZAIOLI, VENTURELLI (from 33' st MARUELLI), MASIN, DAINESI, PAINI, ROZZINI (from 1 'st BASTIANONI), NICOLA (from 36' st SALVALAI), BONACINI, MAGRI (from the 1st st LIO). E. Paolino. Available: Abruzzo, Ferrari and Frugoni.

Referee: Mrs. Pilloni Katiuscia di Chiari.

Notes: Overcast, but no precipitation. Artificial turf field. About 50 spectators are present in the stands. Recovery: 7 '+ 3'.

Mont Dor Serlini 2The Franciacortine on the third day of the second round finally catch their first victory of the season, in the derby against Atletico Dor. A result that goes well beyond the three points collected, an injection of confidence for the biancocelesti girls, capable of playing their best match of this championship, from the point of view above all of the determination and the desire to win. And to think that Sunday certainly didn't start in the best way for Mr. Corioni, forced to do without Sara Polonini, hit by a sudden indisposition in the hours before the race. Without his backward director, the Erbuschese technician is forced to have to review the form once again. Confirmed the defense of Lesmo, with Sbardellati on the left, Gandossi and Pietta central and Recent on the right, Paganotti is deployed at the bottom of the rhombus, Negretti and Serlini in the median and Maffezzoni behind the attacking pair formed by Lusoli and Verzelletti.

From the very beginning, the clubs show grit and desire to get to Biondo. After seven first Lusoli has a good ball, but his conclusion is weak and easy prey for n. 1 guest. At 10 'the race is directed on the right tracks for the Franciacortine: Maffezzoni is landed at the edge of the area and takes charge of beating the kick. The shot was rejected by Biondo, but Verzelletti catapulted the ball towards the back of the opposing goalkeeper. The goal gives even more courage to the hosts who double in the 21st minute. From the flag Recenti blows up from parts of Verzelletti who turns the net first with his right, catching the big target. The double advantage does not dampen the verve of the clubs, still dangerous at 23 'with Negretti, at 25' with Verzelletti and at 31 'with Maffezzoni, but the precision of the biancocelesti is not the best. At 40 ', in a fortuitous clash with Negretti, Biondo has the worst and is forced to leave the pitch. For the unfortunate n. 1 guest will need an ambulance and transport to the emergency room of the Chiari Hospital. At his ponto between the posts Palumbo takes up the position and must immediately be called to answer on Lusoli's conclusion. In full recovery Magri stamps the card in Fava and on the flip in front of Serlini, thrown at the net, crosses with the right, but sensationally catches the post to the right of Palumbo.

In the second half the Franciacortine return to the field with the intention of maintaining the advantage and in the first quarter of an hour they manage to buildMont Dor Goal Auri 3 three good opportunities with Verzelletti that n. 10 biancoceleste spoils by missing the trio. On the other side Nicola from the edge finds the glimmer to hit the net, but the shot is central and Fava grabs without problems. At 20 'Maffezzoni finalizes a beautiful choral action, but his thrust finds the prompt response of Palumbo. Six minutes later Recenti goes into percussion, offers the ball on a silver platter to Verzelletti whose shot is a phone call to the opponent's extreme defender. At 28 'the guests have a great opportunity to return to the game, when on the wrong hallway of Recenti, Pezzaioli is alone face to face with Fava, but the pocket-sized goalkeeper of the premises goes out to kamikaze and closes the double-flow shutter , locking down the result. Six minutes from the end, the orange throwers hurt themselves: with a wretched back support, the guest defenders serve a perfect assist to Verzelletti who projects himself towards Palumbo; the first conclusion of the striker franciacortina is rejected by n. 1 guest, but the ball remains there and for Verzelletti, retrieving it and sending it to the net is child's play. Personal hat-trick for n. 10 biancoceleste who takes the ball home. The remaining minutes do not change the fate of the meeting and for the girls of Mr. Corioni finally arrives the first statement of this season.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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