Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Football Leon win in spin with Montorfano

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networks: Cinus (FL) at 2 'and 19', Lusoli (M) at 10 ', Mammoliti (FL) at 12' and at 27 'pt; Boldini (FL) at 38 'and 43' st

Football Leon: COLOMBO, VISMARA (from 25 'st COCCIMIGLIO), STRABELLO, TALARICO, CAMPAGNOLI, BROGGI, PERI, GUIMARAES (from 44' st CUSCUNA), MAMMOLITI, CINUS, CIAMBRONE (from 21 'st BOLDINI). All. Stefano Cincotta. Available: De Sanctis, Frangi and Carmeli.

Montorfano: FAVA, RECENT, GANDOSSI, PIETTA (from 12 'st DRERA), SARDINED, POLONINI, SERLINI (from 2' st MOMETTI), PAGANOTTI (from 9 'st NEGRETTI), MAFFEZZONI (from 17' st BELOTTI), VERZELLETTI (from 25 'st VALTULINI), LUSOLI. All. Giovanni Corioni.

Referee: Giorgio Giacomo Valtorta of Seregno.

Note: Sunny day, artificial turf field. Ammonite: Drera (M). At 35 'st Fava (M) rejected a penalty kick from Coccimiglio (FL).

In Brianza, Montorfano falls at the hands of the strong local team of Football Leon. The girls coached by mister Cincotta assert the greatest physicality and organization and regulate the guests already in the first fraction, despite the one-to-one goal, made by Lusoli after only 10 'minutes, had deluded the host public of faith to be able to attend to a replica of the hard fought game of the first leg.

Mister Corioni relies on his proven rumble, moves Captain Gandossi to the center of defense and raises Paganotti in the median. The intent of the Erbuschian technician, to give greater thickness to the anti-aircraft, is however thwarted after only two turns of hands by the precise header of Cinus, on a cross from the right of Mammoliti, who slips the ball into the guest goal. Three minutes later Mammoliti from the edge called Fava at the first applause of the day. The immediate local advantage lasts only 8 first; at 10 'in fact the biancocelesti regain the result thanks to a beautiful attack action aimed by the perfect left-handed to cross Lusoli who inflates the net in the lower left corner of Colombo. The host joy is very short, since at 12 'Mammoliti, left too free in the open area, can turn the ball comfortably flat on the second post, with the complicity of an involuntary deviation of the opposing defense, which thwarts the extreme attempt of Fava. As unfortunately too often happens in the Franciacorta, the goal turns out to be a blow that blocks the legs to the guests and the Brianza take advantage of it to drop the poker before the half hour. At 19 'Cinus receives a filter in the area and first intention from a few steps strikes Fava again, while at 27' Mammoliti also makes his personal brace with a precise stone from outside the area that surprises n. 1 guest and ends his run next to the left pillar. If the landlords do not spread it is thanks to His Holiness Veronica who in three minutes from 33 'to 35' performs three valuable interventions, first on Ciambrone thrown at the net and then on a poisonous cross shot from the left, always from n. 11 room, and finally on the usual Mammoliti, whose blow is rejected with the shoe. In the final of the fraction the Franciacortine try to react and go twice close to the marking with Verzelletti, good at being ready for the conclusion, but on both occasions Colombo neutralizes in diving, armoring the result.

In the second half the hosts seem to ease the push initially, despite the usual Fava must close the mirror to Cinus with an excellent choice of time in the 5 '. Talarico twice on football placed wise the readiness of reflexes of the pocket-sized goalkeeper of the guests, but you have to wait half an hour to see a real goal ball of the clubs, built by the usual Mammoliti: the n. 9 Brianzola receives and from the right vertex he invents a parable impossible for Fava, but which is printed on the crossbar, the sphere is collected by Cinus, but the extreme guest at the suicide bomber closes the door mirror once again. At 35 'the race director recognizes the extremes for a penalty kick, for an intervention by Sbardellati on the new Coccimiglio entrance. It is the same Coccimiglio that takes charge of the transformation, but on its way once again finds Fava who guesses the corner and in two stages blocks the sphere. The manita, however, is only postponed, because three minutes later Boldini, in suspected offside, receives a stone's throw from Fava and can comfortably make the easiest of the nets. The guests have a start with Belotti who finds the window to attempt the lunge, but his shot is foiled in the corner by Colombo. Two minutes from the end Boldini decides to do everything by herself, she takes the ball, starts a serpentine between the shirts of the host defense and arrives in the area beats Fava with a beautiful shot from the inside under the intersection of the posts. A result that reflects the different rankings of the two teams, despite the progress of the Franciacorta teams are there for all to see. Next Sunday the girls of Mr. Corioni will face the derby with Atletico Dor and the biancocelesti are therefore awaited by a test of maturity and character, to give meaning to a championship so far stingy with satisfaction.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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