Monday, April 06, 2020
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Poker Vibe Ronchese. Saint Lucia does not bring presents to the Franciacorta.

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networks: Sironi at the 4 'and Sala at the 25' pt; Penati at the 15 'on penalty and Riboldi at the 24' st

Vibe Ronchese: SOTTOCORNOLA, CATTANEO, SIRONI (from 40 'st MONGUZZI), CAPPELLO, MARTINA, TROVATO, VALTOLINA (from 1' st MACRI), PENATI, COLOMBO (from 1 'st RIBOLDI), GHIRINI (from 30' st BRIVIO), SALA ( from the 35 'st SORTINO). Att. Emanuele Suppa. Available: Grittini.

Montorfano: FAVA, RECENT, GANDOSSI, PIETTA (from 25 'st PAGANOTTI), VALTULINI (from 1' st MOMETTI), POLONINI, SPINONI (from 19 'st BELOTTI), SERLINI, LUSOLI (from 1' st VERZELLETTI), MAFFEZZONI, SBARDELLATI ( from the 35 'st DRERA). Giovanni Corioni All. Available: Negretti.

Referee: Giacomo Giovanni Di Salvo of Seregno.

Note: Overcast, cold day. Synthetic grass field. 1 '+ 2' recovery.

Vibe Montorfano clara 2One step back, no ifs or buts. Mister Corioni's girls spoil a good opportunity to score points and at least to close the calendar year at least. The Ronibe Vibe proves to be a tactically tidy team, but within reach of the Franciacorta but who pay dearly for the usual concentration errors.

After just one minute the biancazzurre could take the lead with Sbardellati recovering the ball in the area, but instead of striking against the net, towards the unguarded goal, it was up to Spinoni to have the Sottocornola shot repelled, which in the meantime had recovered the position. A wasted opportunity that the Brescian women pay immediately for the first reversal in the face: a vertical launch for Sironi that appears before Fava and beats it with a soft lob. The guests attempt a reaction with Spinoni at the 22 'which, however, hastens the conclusion and shoots to the side. And also in this case the response of the landlord immediately hurts: Ghirini finds the corridor for Sala that can enter the area and put the ball back behind Fava. The Franciacorta have the merit of not falling and at the 34 'Spinoni has another opportunity, this time his right hand is precise, even if from a very low position, and Sottocornola foils raising above the crossbar.

During the interval coach Corioni tries to untangle the problem by inserting Mometti and Verzelletti in the field, thus representing the defense of seven days before, with Sbardellati low on the left and Gandossi in the middle of the anti-aircraft. After a good opportunity not exploited by Cappello, the guests also go close to the net with Maffezzoni who on a free kick touches the pole. Fava with a double call to applause keeps Montorfano in the game, but at a quarter hour Brianza virtually closes the games. On the development of a standing kick the host defense gets caught unprepared, Mometti stretches an opponent and for the referee there is no doubt: it is a penalty kick that Penati transforms, displacing Fava. Mister Corioni also puts Belotti forward for Spinoni, but the third goal is a blow that the Rovatii can't manage to digest. At 24 'the landlords lower poker with Riboldi, good at exploiting the precise assist of Sala and catapulting over the ball with Fava out of action. Little else to write down until the end. A result that is too heavy and untrue of the values ​​seen in the field, but which underlines how you always pay every single mistake. Now for the girls of Montorfano will start a healthy break that will allow Mr. Corioni to recharge his batteries and give them the right stimulus to start from scratch in the second round.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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