Monday, April 06, 2020
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networks: Nani (S) to 10 'and Lusoli (M) to 26' pt; Oriani (S) to 6 'and 21', Nani (S) to 22 'and Ferrari (S) to 24' st

Montorfano: FAVA, E. MOMETTI (from 34 'st A. MOMETTI), GANDOSSI, PIETTA (from 38' st CIPPINI), SERLINI (from 12 'st PAGANOTTI), RECENT, VERZELLETTI (from 23' st DRERA), SPINONI, LUSOLI, MAFFEZZONI (from 26 'st NEGRETTI), SBARDELLATI. Giovanni Corioni All. Available: Valtulini.

City of Segrate: NOVARESE, MAZZUCCHELLI (from 26 'st PEDRINELLI), CAMPONOVO (from 10' st CASORIO), PICCOLO, CODOGNATO, ZAGHINI, FERRARI (from 28 'st LATTUADA), DE STEFANI (from 16' st SCHIBUOLA), ORIANI (from 30 'st LOPOLITO), NANI, BIANCHI. Alessandro Alberto Amato All. Available: Vessella, Lazzaretti, Bonardi and Strangio.

Referee: Mrs. Elisa Dadati di Chiari.

Note: Sunny day. Present around 50 viewers. Synthetic grass field. Ammonita: De Stefani (S). Recovery: 1 '+ 3'.

The Montorfano suffers the manita from the leader Segrate, but for all the first fraction it plays on par with the first ones of the class, showing a further signal of growth. Having received the guest advantage after only ten games, the landlords do not break down and create the conditions to grab the result. In the second half, however, the greater physicality and experience of the Milanese came out at a distance and spread, taking advantage of a blackout of a few minutes between the 20 'and the 24' of the Franciacorta st.

Mister Corioni must do without Polonini and ranks in the median Recent with Maffezzoni and Serlini. Forward Spinoni is paired with Verzelletti, while Lusoli acts behind the points and Sbardellati is diverted to anti-aircraft. The new Paganotti purchase initially starts from the bench. After a chance wasted by Bianchi and a nice attempt by Spinoni saved off the ground by Novarese, the guests find the net at 10 ': on the development of a shot from the flag, the local defense rejects, but Nani picks up on the fly and shoots a left in the lower corner to the right of Fava who can only collect the sphere in the sack. The n. 1 Rovatese must show the best of his repertoire only seven minutes later, closing the double-delivery gate on Oriani's entrance which is hypnotized by the goalkeeper pocket size franciacortino. The locals find the strength to react and gain meters as the minutes pass. At the 26 'the Chiari section Miss Dadati commands a punishment from the trocar for the biancazzurre. Maffezzoni bowl in the area where in the fray Lusoli is the quickest of all and his blow slips into the net behind Novarese.

In the second half the meneghine enter the field with more determination and already after a few seconds Fava has to repeat himself closing the mirror to Oriani. At the 6 'however the n. 9 guest again has the chance to take his advantage back and this time he's not wrong, finding the 2 network at 1 with a precise stroke. Oriani face to face with Fava incredibly kicks off at the 19 ', but two first after soars on a cross from the median and enters behind the n. 1 franciacortina. The third network cuts the legs of the collapsing clubs by taking Nani's poker to the 22 'and Ferrari's fifth network to the 24'. In the following minutes the guests loosen their grip and limit themselves to controlling the timid Brescia reaction that does not have the desired effect. For coach Corioni's girls there remains a first time of intensity, character and game on which to start again from the next race, the last exit before the Christmas break.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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