Monday, May 11 2015
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Lumezzane: GASPARINI, FILOTTI, CAREDDU Greta, BERTAZZOLI, CAREDDU Gloria, ZAMARRA, BROCCHETTI, FORELLI, MORASCHI, BRAMBILLA, MAFFI. Church All. Available: Piccioni, Gandelli, Caramella, Rosa, Calistri, Castoldi and Borelli.

Montorfano: FAVA, RECENTI, GANDOSSI, PIETTA (BELOTTI from 38 'st), POLONINI, DRERA, LUSOLI (VERZELLETTI from 4' st), SERLINI, MAFFEZZONI, SPINONI (NEGRETTI from 28 'st), SBARDELLATI. Herds Corioni. Available: Cippini, Belotti, Mometti, Negretti, Verzelletti, Valtulini and Mingardi.

Referee: Mrs Chiara Fusari of Brescia.

Notes: Rainy day, synthetic grass field. Present around 50 viewers. 1 '+ 4' recovery. Ammonite: Pietta, Drera and Serlini for Montorfano, Forelli for Lumezzane.

LUME MONT SARAFor the Montorfano comes the first seasonal smile on the field of the Comunale of Concesio, frame of a race fought from the first beats until the 94 '. A point torn with teeth and the strength of wanting to finally erase the "0" next to the Franciacorta scores in the group B score, obtained against a good level team that could count on excellent individuality, especially in the advanced package.

Thus, for Mr. Corioni comes the first joy of this tournament, of which most of the credit goes to Veronica Fava, the extreme pocket-sized defender of the guests who compensates every Sunday with an explosive strength to make coworkers envy a couple of categories above. Against the n. 1 rovatese have repeatedly broken the offensive gusts of the landlords, like a storm breaks on the rocks. And so, even with a little luck, this first point finally arrives for Montorfano.

The race also started with a good grip from the guests, good at creating some interesting situation, not properly exploited by Sbardellati and Lusoli. The landlords, however, were certainly not watching, with Brocchetti on the right and Brambilla in the control room ready to trigger the companions and to create serious headaches for the opposing defense. Local also unlucky when Brocchetti, at his best, crosses over with a Fava digger, but catches a resounding pole, after which Recent sweeps in a corner. The triumplins at the half-hour catch a second wood, when Fava is saved on the blow from outside the area of ​​Brambilla with the help of the crossbar and subsequently makes his own the ball. The extreme guest is good at neutralizing Brocchetti and compañeros' insertions on several occasions and is thus going to rest with the result on a clean sheet.

In the second half, Mr. Corioni tries to keep the team as high as possible and inserts Verzelletti and later Belotti for this purpose. But it is the clubs that conduct the dances and press the rovatesi in their own half of the pitch, but Brocchetti and compañeras make a big mistake, wasting some tasty goal balls with Moraschi and where accuracy is not lacking, Fava thinks of building an invisible wall on the goal line and nullify the opponents attacks. In the second part of the fraction a real assault materializes, the landlords still find their way through the half-hour bar, while Fava flies to her to deflect the machine-gun bursts fanned by her opponents in a corner. Fatigue is felt in the legs of the landlord, the first is Spinoni and then Pietta, forced to leave, while in the median Sara Polonini takes over and recovers an industrial quantity of balloons and unravels the skein countless times. In the final, Belotti manages to build a couple of opportunities, but Gasparini is also careful and not surprising. After ninety-four minutes of incessant battle the young director of competition Chiara Fusari of the Brescia section (safe direction and good personality, an element of excellent prospects for the category) says that this can be enough. A point that for morale is worth more than a victory for the girls in the Biancoceleste jersey. A wish that this could be a turning point for the team of Mr. Corioni, unlucky on other occasions and today finally with a smile on his face.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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