Sunday, 05 April 2020
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The Curno takes away the three points from Rovato.

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networks: Verzelletti (M) to 5 'pt; Altamura (C) to 18 ', Rivetta (C) to 31' and Brugali (C) to 43 'st


Curno: MANZONI, MOTTA, BONZANI, MANZILLO, RIVETA, MACCARANA, BONANOMI, BRUGALI, SESSANTINI (from 14 'st CAPUANI), ALTAMURA (from 33' st MARCHESI), ENGINEERS. All. G. Napoletano. Available: Cortinovis, Colleoni, Arnoldi.

Referee: Sirio Cosentino di Chiari.

Note: Sunny day. Synthetic grass field. Present around 50 viewers. Recovery: 1 '+ 3'.

Small steps forward for Montorfano, which for more than an hour scares the most popular Curno, but in the final it must surrender to the greater physicality and experience of its opponents. Deprived of Polonini and Sbardellati and with Maffezzoni halfway through, Mister Corioni must reinvent himself for the umpteenth time defense and median: space from the first minute to Mometti on the right, with Recenti diverted to midfield. Back at the center of defense Drera alongside Pietta.

The departure smiles at the landlords who, after five minutes, find the net of the Vantaggio: Lusoli serves Verzelletti who comes before Manzoni and beats her with justice. The Bergamo players are not there and try to make up for the disadvantage, but they repeatedly slam on Fava who, in the quarter of an hour, foils the shot from the Altamura boundary, with the help of the left uppercut and immediately afterwards on the cross-shot by Ingegneri. At the 22 'it is still Engineers to have a good ball, but the pocket-sized concierge of the premises closes the mirror and shrivels on the ball. In the final the Franciacorta mess in defense, Altamura is the ball face to face with Fava, try the lob, but the n. Local 1 recovers the position and flips to the side. In full recovery the guests win a free-kick from the edge, Sessantini goes to the beat and sends the ball to touch the pole to the right of Fava. We go to rest with the landlords in advantage.

In the second half the Bergamo teams enter the field aggressively and push the Franciacorta into their own half. At the 13 'Engineers wastes kicking high from a few steps, but five minutes later the guests reach a draw: the new entry Capuani exceeds Drera and from the bottom puts in an inviting low shot, on which Altamura is catapulted and throws on the net. The goal gives even more fuel to the Bergamo riders who are close to the net at 22 'with Bonanomi, an imprecise door sill, while on the other front is Belotti (entered for Lusoli) not to arrive for a while on Gandossi's cross. At half-hour the premises create a very good opportunity, with Maffezzoni serving in the Verzelletti corridor, whose shot however is blocked by Manzoni. A minute later the guests find the doubling: from the flag the ball spiove on the first pole, Rivetta, pounces on the ball and touches just enough to anticipate them all and put them behind Fava. The Bergamo players have twice the chance to drop the trio, first with Marchesi and then with Capuani, but the guest strikers are lacking in imprecision. On the other side, Maffezzoni recovers the ball and from a few steps takes first intention, but the ball crashes dramatically against the crossbar. Two minutes from the end Brugali finds the crack, slips between two defenders and with a precise low shot towards the first post he beats Fava for the third time, practically closing the contest. The landlords still remain at the bottom of the table at zero, but show significant signs of growth. On what good we have seen today, Mr. Corioni will have to start again to give new life to his girls and be able to find the squaring of the circle and the first points in this championship.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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