Sunday, 05 April 2020
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The AC Crema spreads over Montorfano

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networks: Turrini at 11 'and Tosi at 25' pt; Turrini at 4'e at 21 ', Boschini at 24' and 35 'and Tosi at 41'.

AC Cream: UGGE, CARLETTI (from 1 'st RESCALLI), GRANATA, TASSI (from 25' st RIVAROLI), MERALDI (from 16 'st BOSCHINI), FACCO, TOSI, BASCIU, TURRINI (from 27' st STREPPAROLA), SERRAO, INZOLI. Giovanni Brusa All. Available: Rubagotti and Martini.

Montorfano: FAVA, RECENT, GANDOSSI, PIETTA, VALTULINI (from 37 'st ABENI), MINGARDI, NEGRETTI (from 6' st DRERA), MAFFEZZONI (from 15 'st LUSOLI), VERZELLETTI (from 35' SCALVINI), SPINONI, BELOTTI (from 27 'st SERLINI). Giovanni Corioni All.

Referee: Paolo Rinaudo of Lodi.

Note: Heavy rainfall throughout the race. Artificial grass field. Present around 50 viewers. Recovery: 1 '+ 1'.

The Montorfano is forced to still deal with a more experienced formation, superior above all on the physical side, Achilles heel of the young team of Mr. Corioni.

The premises after eleven minutes are already in the lead: Turrini with a platter on the fly after Inzoli's cross slams Fava on the second post. The pocket-sized goalkeeper of the guests avoids the doubling with an angel flight at the 22 ', but three minutes later he undergoes the 2 goal at 0: he hits from outside Turrini, short of the n. 1 guest and comfortable support in the network of Tosi. The Franciacorta girls show up at the 26 'with a nice percussion on the right of Recenti, foiled by Ugge who pushes back into the water.

In the second half the landlords spread. After only four first Turrini, he frees himself in the area and into the net. At 14 'the usual n. Local 9 engages the adversary's extreme defender in the dive to the ground, but the fourth goal is only postponed: at the 21 'in fact still Turrini slips centrally, points the area, dribbles Fava and deposits on the net. Mister Corioni tries to insert fresh forces, but the music does not change. At the 24 'the new entry Boschini receives in a position that appears to be clearly irregular, the referee lets it continue and the Cremasca striker can enter the area and beat Fava with a perfect right to cross. At the 35 'it is still Boschini to find the route of the network finalizing the fine personal action on the left of Inzoli. The seventh seal is the work of Tosi who captures the joker from the edge with a perfect execution that carom on the inner pole to the right of Fava and ends his race on the net.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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